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How to Find Field IDs and Names

How to Find Field IDs and Names

Customizing the appearance of your fields using CSS is a common task in JotForm. If you need to change the CSS properties for a specific field, knowing the ID of the field allows you to target that specific field.

The Unique Name of the field on the other side is used to reference the value of a field in other places such as in a different question, in the email body, passing the field's value as a URL parameter, etc.

Follow the steps below to get the ID or the Unique Name of a field:

Unique Name and Field ID

Unique Name and Field ID

  1. In the form builder, select a field and click the gear icon to open the properties window.
  2. Go to the Advanced tab.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and click to expand the Field Details.
  4. A small section will open up where you can see the Unique Name and Field ID.
Unique Name and Field ID

Unique Name and Field ID

Note that note all form elements have the Field Details section. In these cases, you can extract the Unique Name or get the field ID using your browser's developer tool.

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    It's really good to SEE some field data and ID...

    But when we need to FIND among dozens of fields which is a specific one (as listed in e-mail form), we need to perform 3 steps for each field (select, Advanced, Details).

    A FIND textbox would be great to locate an specific field...

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    How do I use this information when importing data. Currently, the entire name goes into the last name field.

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    Is there a way to manipulate/edit all the form field IDs in one place, other than the email section or each field's Advanced tab? This would be extra helpful as an additional feature.

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    I can locate the Unique ID under the advanced properties section of the widget settings, but cannot see the field Id's listed anywhere. So, for my "configurable list" type questions, where a respondent must populate multiple fields in one question, I cannot pull the answers into the URL in order to be passed to my 2nd form.

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    Hm. Yes. I already found out how to identify the field ID's.... The problem is however, this doesn't work for the star rating field :-(. Do you guys have another way to approach the field ID 's? CSS coding is worthless without proper field ID's.....

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    This feature used to work for me in the old way displayed on video. But new one way is not working at all. Can you plz check what I am doing wrong and provide me feedback at your earliest? My forms name are:Sales order form and Technical work log.
    Thanks a lot.

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    I can only EDIT properties, I cannot SHOW properties & therefore can not LOCATE FIELD ID. Please advise. What I do is
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    3. voila - EDIT properties; nothing about SHOW or field names.

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