Prepopulating Fields to Your Jotform via URL Parameters

November 26, 2021

Instead of following this guide, you can also use the Field Prepopulator feature to generate a prepopulated form URL.

Let’s say you have a link or a page that should automatically fill in values to your Jotform and you want your form to be prepopulated when clicked. Here’s an example…

Form URL without prepopulated fields:

Form URL with prepopulated fields:[prefix]=Dr.&fullName[first]=John&fullName[middle]=Doe&fullName[last]=Smith&fullName[suffix]=M.D.&selections30=Pillow&media=Internet&address=Katipunan,ZN%207109,%20Philippines&pleaseChoose=Metal,Gold,Wood

To do so, you need to identify the Unique Name of the field you wish to be prepopulated. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Publish tab and open your form in a new tab.
Form Builder - Publish
Form Builder - Publish

2. On the new tab, right-click the page and click View Page Source.

View Page Source
View Page Source

Or, you can use the browser’s Inspect Element feature so you can easily identify field names. Right-click on the field’s input box/selector, click Inspect.

Inspect Element
Inspect Element
Name Attribute
Inspect Element

Now, we’re able to get the names of each field, so it is time to include them in the URL. Please remember to put a question mark ( ? ) after the form URL to declare that we are submitting parameters, then comes the name followed by an equal sign ( = ), then the value.[first]=John

If you wish to add more parameters, these are to be separated by an ampersand ( & ) sign.[first]=John&fullName[last]=Doe

For Checkboxes:

Identify each checkbox value first. On our sample form, we have 5 checkboxes. All of these checkboxes have the same name, pleasechoose[].

Here’s an example checkbox field for the option “Wood”, noticed the name attribute:

Checkbox Name Attribute
Checkbox Name Attribute

To prepopulate that checkbox via URL parameter:

  1. First, find the value of its name attribute in the HTML source code.
  2. Copy the name after the underscore ( _ ) symbol, e.g. pleaseChoose[], but remove the brackets ( [ ] ) on it.
  3. Copy the value, e.g. Wood.

To be able to select more than one, you need to separate each value with a comma.,Gold,Metal,Soft drinks,Cheese cake

That’s it! If you have questions about this guide, feel free to leave your comments below or reach us through our support system.

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