Prepopulating Form Fields via URL Parameters

April 13, 2024

See also: Prefill

You can prepopulate your form fields by including the query strings in the URL. The query component is indicated by the first question mark (“?”) followed by the query parameters in the URL. Multiple query parameters are separated by the ampersand (“&”). The parameters are in key-value pairs where “key” is the field’s unique name and “value” is the field’s prefill value.

For example, here’s a form with fields prepopulated via query parameters:[first]=Jane&name[last]=Doe&,Health,Sports

This also works on embedded forms:[first]=Jane&name[last]=Doe&,Health,Sports

Generating Form URL With Query Parameters

To identify the accepted query strings or parameters on your form

  1. Go to Field Prepopulator.
  2. Select Populate Fields at the bottom and authorize the app.
  3. In the Form Picker dialog, choose your form, then select Continue.
  4. On the next page, provide the prefill values for your form fields.
  5. Select Generate URL at the top and copy the provided URL.

Share the generated URL with your users or use the URL structure as a template for prepopulating your form via query parameters from other sources. For hidden fields, you can manually add them as parameters in the URL by identifying their unique names. See Field IDs and Unique Names to learn more.

See also: How to Automatically Pass Form Data to Another Form.

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