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How to Send Email Based on User's Answer

How to Send Email Based on User's Answer

If you want to send email based on users answer, follow these steps.

1. First, if you want to send emails with different content, you can create multiple notifiers like the following and customize each of them. If not, then you can keep a single email notifier.

Related guide: Setting-up-Email-Notifications

2. While on the Form Builder, click CONDITIONS on the left nav.

3. Select CHANGE E-MAIL RECIPIENT to create an email condition.

4. Choose a field that will trigger the IF condition and its matching value. Then, pick the notifier you want to be sent and define the recipient email address.

You can also enter the email field variable from your form as one of the recipient emails.

On the following example, it shows that I have setup up email conditions on the 3 notifiers. Noticed the green crossed arrows after the notifier title? These icons indicate that the Notifier is connected to a Condition.

Comments and suggestions are welcome below. If you have a question, post it in our Support Forum so we can assist you.

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  • tkeen

    It won't let me set up the email to be sent to a different user based on the response in a dropdown menu. I have another form on my account where this is possible, so I am quite confused. I am not trying to get it to send to multiple people at the same time, just different individual emails based on the choice made. Any help or direction is appreciated. Thanks.

  • FOMT

    Hi can someone show me how to do this?

  • Craig_Watkins

    Awesome - thanks for the email reply to my question regarding this. I'll be upgrading our account very soon.

  • Kim1Hill

    I set up a condition to send specific emails to users based on their responses to 1 question in my form. If the responder answers either a or c, they should receive a particular email. If they respond either b or d, they should receive another email. I have noticed that these emails are not being sent out at all. Can you please take a look and let me know what is wrong? This is under the form titled "EGrAMS Grant Configuration Setup"
    I reviewed the directions in the User Guide and I cannot see an error in my setup. I even tried to update the {email} code to the email address' field name in the form {idphContact} and this did not work. Please advise.

  • denismoquin

    I've set up email notifications based on an answer on my form. Can I see a list of emails based on conditions once I have set them up? My list is quite long and is subject to change. Thank you.

  • JanaJot

    Thank you so much!

  • luckylady

    Good morning,

    When I reply to a requester, my email address shows as being the sender; however, what I have sent does not show up in my gmail as being sent. Is there a way I can see what emails I have sent to folks? Thanks!

  • sstte18

    thank you. That makes sense.

  • gnieri

    Hi, I just tested this creating a new notification and copying an existing one, and even when the conditions are showing the correct email address the emails are sent only to one email. Is there a fix for this?

  • Rachel Baillie

    My form is 62062225012338

    I need the email to be sent to whichever line manager manages the person completing the form. Can I set up a #name type field where when the box is complete with that name, it goes to a specific email address dependant upon the name?

  • etcadmin

    Hi, I have a conditional being sent to multiple email addresses. They are being received but the recipients are being BCC'd and they would like to see everyone who is being copied. Is there a setting to accomplish this?

  • PearsonAustralia

    I am unable to enter an email address to direct the responses to? Is there something else I need to do first elsewhere?

  • Jodessur


    I created conditions about a month ago to send noticifications to different department conditionnal to user response. It worked fin at first but it suddenly stopped working and I can't figure out why.

    Help please!

  • Joe303

    Hi Dear All, I have a form that must show all the fields when i open it. i want add a condition :
    1- if the customer want to receive a copy by e-mail of the form infos(the field "Customer e-mail" is filed) then hide some fields.

    2- In the same form, for me want receive the complete information filed on the form y e-mail (multiple recipients).

    Is that possible ? it's very urgent question thank you in advance.

  • Ian Lowe

    Sir, I have just tried this on a firm I have created and it didn't work.
    I have 3 options and a separate email for each.
    When I select the first option I get the correct email. When I select either the second or third option I get no emails.

    If it helps the form is 61864551221957

  • Chrissybright

    I have set up my form to send a notifier to email #1. If however, a certain box is checked, I would like to send a notifier to email #1 AND email #2. In other words, Email #1 always gets a notifier no matter the conditions, in addition email #2 only gets an email if a certain box is checked.
    When I go into to set up a condition, the only option I'm seeing is to replace Email #1 with Email #2.

  • mncoaches

    I would like to send an email based on a radio button selection, which I have done with 5 options, but the number of radio buttons I need is 10 and the email option gets greyed out with this many buttons. Any way to get around this problem?

  • traveldeskindia

    I want the form to send out a notification mail to the address specified in the field which is present in the form & all the times it would not be the same email address

  • vicheca

    Hi, We are a Technical Call Center and I use Jotform to record or the details of the customer (name, email, city, country, devices, problems). Right now, everytime we fill a form, we send a greetings email with a global satisfaction survey link to the customer using the email data from my form. Now I want to send the same greeting email but with a specific satisfaction survey link per each agent that I have in the company. In my form I put a field called Agent, so depend of the selection I want to send this email to the customer.

    The condition that you describe above isn't my solution because I want to send the greetings email to the email that we capture in the form, not a specific email... how can I do this

  • zaryab


    I would like to add Form Webpage URL in my email notification subject line. Could you please let me know how to do that ?

    Thank you.

  • karansharma

    please reply as soon as possible...

  • courtneychi

    Wonderful! Just what I needed -- and clearly spelled out. Thanks!

  • Maria

    I would like to send an email response to an email address that is submitted on the form. Is this possible?

  • bobbylachapelle

    I made an invitation page with two radio button. One for "Accept" and another for "refuse". I want to send one email if the response for an invitation is "I accept" and send another email if they select "I refuse".

  • rjcashmoney

    I want to create a form that on send copies the form fields in an email to the person filling out the form. This would be the address given when responding to the e-mail address field. Thanks, great software/application.

  • PaulRoescher

    This works PERFECT!
    Thanks a lot!!

  • michellevn12

    please advise me .My mail address is

  • georgias714

    Can I send a reminder e-mail to all registrants who have not completed certain fields on their registration form?

  • surajsksinha

    How can i get the list of item selected in the form in my mail once someone submit it

  • denysaputra

    Where's the tutorial that show "how to autorespondner email" to someone fill out my order form?
    I mean after someone order my products, they will receive such order summary and some message from me automatically.


  • WinshipPhillips

    We're curious if it's possible for two email addresses to receive a filled out form. With no additional "conditions" necessary. We have two partners - both would like to receive responses to the form from our website. If so, can you direct me to the instructions how to add a 2nd email address. Thank you.

  • ttchecklists

    I need a quote request form. The email notification has to be sent to a specific email address selected by the user from a pull-down field. The email notification receiver must be able to reply that email directly to another email address specified in another form field.