How to Send an Email Based on the User’s Answer

January 26, 2023

This guide highlights how to send different email alerts using Conditional Logic to select the email template and change the recipients based on the form filler’s answer.

As an example, a set of Conditional Logic will be applied to the “Would you like to join our mailing list?” question on this demo form to send an email alert based on the selected answer.

single choice field

Creating the Email Alert Templates

The first step is to create the email templates:

  1. In Form Builder, click on Settings at the top.
  2. Choose Email on the left.
  3. Now, create the Email Notification or Autoresponder templates according to your requirements.
email settings
Email templates for “yes” and “no” answers.

Setting Up Conditional Logic

Once the email templates are ready, the next step is to set up Conditional Logic:

  1. In Form Builder, click on Settings at the top.
  2. Choose Conditions on the left.
  3. Add a new condition and select the Change E-mail Recipient option.
change email recipient condition

The Change E-mail Recipient condition, as the name suggests, changes or overrides the selected email template’s recipients. It sends the selected email alert to the defined recipients when triggered.

  1. Now, set up the condition and action in the next window. In the example form, the conditional logic for “Yes” is as follows:
create condition

To break that down:

  • The condition or IF statement is set to check if the “Would you like to join our mailing list?” question is equal to “Yes.”
  • The actions or DO statements are set to send the selected email alerts to the defined recipients if the condition is met.
    • You can enter the email address or the Email element’s tag or unique name as the recipient.
    • Paid accounts can input comma-separated email addresses and/or email tags for multiple recipients.
  1. Once you’re done, click on Save at the bottom to save the changes.
  2. Finally, set up the rest of your conditions for the other email templates.
    Note: Free accounts can create up to three Change E-mail Recipient conditions on a form — unlimited for paid plans.

Email alerts with Conditional Logic will show the Includes Condition icon.

conditional notifications and autoresponders
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