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How to Send Submission Data & File Upload via FTP

How to Send Submission Data & File Upload via FTP

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a way of transferring files between computers. If you have an upload field in your form and want to forward those submitted files directly into your own server, FTP Integration can do that.

In the form builder, go to the Integrations tab, search FTP or FTP Integration, and click on it:

Enter your FTP Credentials, and click the Authenticate button.

Note that you would need to check FTP connection is passive if your hosting provider says so. Otherwise, leave it unchecked.

On the next screen, you get to choose an existing folder. When you do, the color of the selected folder will change to blue (figure 1). You'll also see the folder path right below the folder section (figure 2):

If you haven't created the folder yet, you can type it in the folder path box.

The default path goes this way: Main Folder > Submissions Folder > Subfolder for Form Submissions.

If you wish to save the file uploads and the submissions' PDF to the Submissions Folder only, uncheck Create a subfolder for each submission from the screen options.

Note, there is no option you can save submissions to the main folder only. The Submissions Folder will always base its name on the Form Title

If you wish to create a subfolder for each submission, check the Create a subfolder for each submission. Select the applicable field to be the name of the subfolder.

Submission ID is selected by default, but it supports the following fields: Name, Email, Short Text, Dropdown, and Single Choice fields.

If there's a file upload field in the form, you can also choose to send or not to send the PDF Document of the submission (figure 1). You can also choose which file upload field to send to your FTP server (figure 2):

If there's no file upload field in the form, the integration will send the Submissions PDF to the FTP server. Both options to send the submission PDF and the file upload field selection are hidden.

Please don't forget to click the Save button to save the integration, and the Finish button to complete the integration.

And that's it!

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  • wesleyfraser

    I am getting a different window for submission where I cannot see settings icon. Pls advice.

  • davisware

    In Step 3 above in the new Submission page, I don't see the Settings Icon so we can turn on FTP. Please advise

  • esudhish

    I am getting a different window for submission where I cannot see settings icon. Pls advice.

  • desertcompanion

    I have followed these steps, but am not able to see the actual directory of my FTP, I just see an arrow circle like its trying to load the directory and then it will finally say the directory is empty. And I end up getting a 502 Bad Gateway error when submitting the form (a time out that I have traced back to the FTP connectivity) I enter my credentials and I get the green check mark, I am also able to manually type in a path through from jotform and it creates those folders automatically into my FTP server (i see them created). But when I hit the "finish" button it cycles and cycle until I get an error:

    We couldn't complete the integration with your server. This could be related to the file/folder permissions. Please check permissions and try again.

    Here is the error returned by the server:
    Cannot move file to server: /Jotform/2020 Focus on Nevada/README.txt.

    Our IT department has confirmed that there are no permission issues.

    I had this exact same issue last year and I thought I had resolved it. But I do not remember what it was.

  • klakster

    I want to DOWNLOAD submissions by FTP. I am not successful at getting a full CSV of my submissions. May I go up to your FTP site and download my submissions? And if so, how?


    What happend if we have the ftp non active

  • pete.richardson


    I can't find a clear explanation of "How to Send Submission Data… via ftp" despite it being part of the title.

    Could someone clarify if it is possible to send submission data from a form via ftp and not just an uploaded file from the upload field?


  • Spelean

    how can i set the file type for ftp to be either a CSV file, or even a TXT file? NOT a PDF


  • benchappers

    Can we determine the file format and the schedule of the export so nightly?

  • Christopher Gauntt

    I'm having trouble connecting.

    First off, I tried using my SFTP settings, but the "test connection" wheel spun forever. It'd be nice to make SFTP an option since we deal with fairly sensitive documents sometimes.

    Secondly, when I switched back to regular FTP and port 21, the test connection succeeded. However, when I was brought over to the folder list, I just got a spinning wheel. It never resolved.

    In this instance, I created a unique ftp user account just for this purpose. Since I could not use sftp, I had to pick a shell ftp account type option. I went with bin/bash, but that didn't work. My other options are:

    Can you let me know what the best settings are?


  • Melat

    Does this allow the forms to be automatically uploaded to a specific folder every time someone submits the form or is it just a one time thing that allows me to export the submitted forms to my folder.

    Is it possible to do that (make it submit the forms to a specific folder on my computer say a drop box folder every time submits a form)

    Thank you

  • Redha

    I'm getting Wrong Host Name error

    I'm trying to send the uploaded file to my localhost ftp, I'm using filezilla server, and i can access it through filezilla client,

    I fill out the form like this

    FTP Host : ; Port : 21
    Username : root
    Password :

    And i'm keep getting an error,

    Thank you

  • LEAF_Slovakia

    Could you please describe how the form processes the data? I have seen inconsitent replies on the forums.

    Once the user clicks the submit button, what exactly happens? I would assume the process is as follows:

    1) Submission entries are saved
    2) Uploaded file is saved on jotform server
    3) Uploaded file is sent to the integrated ftp server
    4) Thank you page is displayed for the user

    If step 3 fails, the user will not see a thank you page. First question: is there any way to manage which error the user sees? Assuming the submission on jotform is safe, I would not want the form user to actually see an error page and think he needs to fill in the survey again.

    Could you please also confirm that even if step 3 fails, the uploaded file is still supposed to be safely stored on jotform server?

    If this is not the case and an ftp connection failure can in any way, shape, or form endanger the safety of either the survey data or the copy of the uploaded file on the jotform server, please make that clear in the description of the feature, as this potentially makes the FTP integration a very risky tool to use.

  • guisasso

    Are the files then stored only on my webserver? If not, is there an option for files not to be stored by jotform? I don't wanna go over the 10gb quote, which I'm sure I wouldn't for a while, but what happens to older files? They get deleted, or do I have to delete them automatically? How does that work? When uploaded to my server, do the files stay in a folder always, or by deleting the message from my inbox, would the files also be deleted? Thanks.

  • carinepeters1

    i cant still find it