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How to set Form Limits Based on a Unique Question

How to set Form Limits Based on a Unique Question

Let's suppose you are running a contest and would like to limit unique entries or values in a form. For example, you might want to accept Unique Cell Phone numbers. To accomplish that, follow the steps below:

1. Add a Short Text Entry field (rather than the pre-designed phone field) and label it as Cell Phone.

2. Click on Settings>>Form Settings, and then on the Show More Options button.

3. Scroll down, and choose Cell Phone field from the available options of the Unique Question drop down:

You can even customize the Warning messageYou can find out more details on  regards to Form Warnings.

Form limits based on Unique Questions will work on any input type such as Email fields or plain Text fields.

On the example above, you can even add a Hover Text and a Hint value to indicate if you want only numbers or just separated by a dash, as on this example.

Currently, this feature is available only for drop down selectors and fields which have a single text box. It will not work for Full NamePhone or (Postal) Address because they each consist of multiple text boxes. It also will not work for Text Areas (the tool immediately under the Text Box in the Form Tools menu).

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  • ybinds

    I set the Unique Question field to email id in one of my forms. It is working for the new entries but not working with old entries that were already entered in the google sheet. I tried to remove the integration and set new integration as well. Nothing seems to work. Any help is appreciated.

  • TandemPartnersInEarlyLearning

    Our form collects a few pages of personal information. I would love for my unique question to stop folks at the beginning (when they click next) rather than at the end after they've filled out the whole form a second time. Is this possible?

  • dctax

    I have set up a unique question and it is working as expected. But is it possible to manually reset a single submission and have them re-submit the form?

  • Landings

    I am trying to have only one submission per household per year for membership. I have chosen Unique question and picked Member 1 email. I registered myself for the year and paid for membership (Frank Farrell), but when I go to try and register myself again it takes me to the pay option again. So it is no stopping me.

    What steps did I miss in programming the 2019-2020 Landings Yacht Club Membership Application?

    Thanks in advance,
    Anne Marie Farrell

  • aftermath_contest

    We would like to limit the number of submission to 1 per day per email address. It would be great if we could setup a unique value based on multiple fields: email address and a hidden field with today's date in it.

  • PascalR

    The use of Conditions to calculate/populate a (hidden) field as the unique question seems very powerful. I can see examples where this works with text, dates, etc. But when I try to populate the filed based on an ID plus the selected value in Single Choice List, it doesn't work. The value coming from the Single Choice object is always "0", even though it is properly stored later. Any idea why??

  • farmcreditIL

    We made Ticket Code a unique field and it's not working. It allows the form to be submitted again with the same ticket code. What are we doing wrong? The TicketCode is a simple text box that consist of one letter and three numbers (no other character, space, etc.).

  • sabrina

    how do you limit to one unique question per day?

  • tcornack

    I've set up a Single Name Field and Date Field which i combine in a calculation widget that I would like to use for a unique field will that work?

  • jkc14

    How Do I prevent a duplicate registration

  • rwaldenjr

    This is a GREAT feature! But, you need to get it working for Full Name, Phone Number and (Postal) Addresses so that people can validate submissions.!!

  • mflanagan

    If I have a submission that needs to be edited and I have a unique question, an edited submission will still be allowed correct?

  • dbis


    We have a booking form with times but teachers would like to block out some of the times en masse.

    Rather than them putting a lot of dummy records in, I tried uploading the required records using the Import CSV. However when I try to add an entry using one of the blocked out times it still allows me.

    How do I convince the system that these times are already booked?



  • farmcreditIL

    We would like this to work in Quick Tools "Number" field because we want to also use the minimum and maximum value. But it appears the Unique Question doesn't work with the Number field. Can you make it work with that? We need the flexibility both offer.

  • iglota

    Hi. Have you removed the feature "Unique Question"?

    Because I need it so much! lol


  • kevin Rutkowski


    I would like to limit the submissions based on the specific date field in a drop down box. i.e. I have six dates for exams and limited # of seats. Can this be done? thank you

  • genel admin

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