How To Change Form Warnings

September 4, 2022

Form warnings are meant to warn people who didn’t complete a required field, didn’t enter a valid email address on an email field, entered text instead of a number in a number field, and so on.

The default warnings can be changed or translated by following the steps below to set up your own tone or language:

  1. Go to the Settings tab in the Form Builder.
  2. Click the Show More Options button.
  1. Click the Edit button next to Form Warnings.
  1. Search the message you wish to change.
  2. Click the Save Changes button when you’re done.

Form Warnings

Here is the list of warning messages that can be changed:

  • Required
    • This field is required.
    • At least one field required.
  • Form Errors
    • Sorry! Only one entry is allowed. <br> Multiple submissions are disabled for this form.
    • There are errors on the form. Please fix them before continuing.
    • There are errors on this page. Please fix them before continuing.
    • There are incomplete required fields. Please complete them.
  • Validation
    • This field can only contain letters
    • This field can only contain cyrillic characters
    • This field can only contain a valid URL
    • This field can only contain numeric values
    • This field can only contain letters and numbers.
    • This field can only contain currency values.
    • Field value must fill mask.
    • The number of characters should not be less than the minimum value:
  • Textarea
    • Too many words. The limit is
    • Too few words. The minimum is
    • Too many Characters. The limit is
    • Too few characters. The minimum is
  • Email
    • Enter a valid e-mail address
    • E-mail does not match
    • Free email accounts are not allowed
  • Radio / Checkbox / Dropdown
    • The minimum required number of selections is
    • The maximum number of selections allowed is
  • Number
    • Input should not be less than the minimum value:
    • Input should not be greater than the maximum value:
    • The maximum digits allowed is
  • Dates
    • Date must not be in the past.
    • This date is unavailable.
    • This date is not valid. The date format is {format}
    • This date is not valid. Enter a valid {element}.
    • You must be older than {minAge} years old to submit this form.
  • Upload
    • {file} has invalid extension. Only {extensions} are allowed.
    • {file} is too large, maximum file size is {sizeLimit}.
    • {file} is too small, minimum file size is {minSizeLimit}.
    • {file} is empty, please select files again without it.
    • The files are being uploaded, if you leave now the upload will be cancelled.
    • Only {fileLimit} file uploads allowed.
    • Drag and drop files here
    • Max. file size
  • Matrix
    • At least one field required.
    • Every row is required.
    • Every cell is required.
  • Appointment
    • You’ve selected {time} on {date}
    • No slots available
    • {time} on {date} has been taken. Please select another slot.
  • Payments
    • Credit Card Number is invalid.
    • CVC number is invalid.
    • Expire date is invalid.
    • Please fill up the Credit Card details.
    • Please select at least one product.
    • Please enter numeric values for donation amount.
    • Please enter a whole number.
    • Minimum amount is {minAmount} {currency}
    • Not enough stock for the current selection
    • Not enough stock for the current selection ({count} items left)
    • Sold Out
    • Just Sold Out
    • Selection Sold Out
    • ({count} items left)
  • Submit Button
    • Please wait…
    • Are you sure you want to clear the form?
  • Other
    • Your score should be less than or equal to
    • Score total should only be less than or equal to
  • Progress Texts
    • See All
    • of
  • Review & Submit
    • Review and Submit
    • Back to Form
  • Accessibility
    • All fields marked with * are required and must be filled.
    • field has an error.
    • Error
  • Error Navigation
    • There are {count} errors in this page. Please correct them before moving on.
    • There is {count} error in this page. Please correct it before moving on.
    • Well done! All errors are fixed.

How’d you do? What else would you want to change? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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