How to Set Unique Submissions on a Form

December 31, 2021

Sometimes you may want to prevent your respondents from making multiple submissions in a form and this is when the Unique Submission is most useful, and it has three options:

  • No Check (default) – duplicate submissions will not be checked in this state.
  • Check cookies only (loose check) – checks whether the submission came from the same browser. It uses cookies stored in the browser’s storage to verify duplicate submissions.
  • Check cookies and IP (strict check)- aside from cookies, it also checks if the submission came from the same IP address.

If you select strict check, people in the same network (in the same school, college, university, institution) will not be able to make submissions, as the IP address for the network would be the same. If you are considering the target audience as students in the same school, the loose check should be chosen.

The instructions below show how you can access the Unique Submission settings through the Form Builder page:

  1. Go to Settings tab and click the Show More Options button.
  1. Scroll down to the Unique Submission section and select an option from the dropdown.
  1. After selecting an option, notice at the top of the builder page (below the form title) that all changes have been saved.

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