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How to Setup Sub-Folders in Dropbox Using the Unique ID Widget

How to Setup Sub-Folders in Dropbox Using the Unique ID Widget

You have integrated your form with Dropbox. However, you want Dropbox files into unique custom folder names. The Unique ID Widget can be very useful when it comes to creating custom folders in Dropbox.

If you want to configure your Dropbox integration with the Unique ID widget, follow the steps below:

1. Add the Unique ID widget on your form.

Related guide: How to Add-Custom Unique IDs to your Form Submissions

2. Then set this field as the sub-folder in your Dropbox Integration wizard.

That's it - The submissions will then be shown in separate folders.

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  • us1rdc5030

    how do you NOT have each submission go into a separate folder? i want all submissions to go into the same folder - like all submissions for MARCH 2020 to go into the MARCH 2020 folder. Currently it's creating a separate folder for each MAR12020TRUCK1 MAR12020TRUCK2 and each folder only contains 1 submission. I have hundreds and hundreds of submissions so this is an incredible burden.

  • k.miller

    For some reason, the pdf - when downloaded from the dropbox folder, has the completed sections in different order to the actual form eg a question/answer from page 3 appears on page 1. However, if I look at the submitted pdf directly on the jotform website, the form sections are in the correct order.
    Please advise what might be the cause of this, and how to fix it??


  • pzick

    I have created a form that will be filled out weekly by about 30 members. I want these completed forms to feed to individual dropbox folders for each member. Do I have to set up a separate form for each member so that their particular form feeds to their dropbox folder? And how can they be differentiated to be easily identified by week? When integrating forms with dropbox folders, when the person hits submit, is that what triggers the completed form to be send to the integrated dropbox folder? I'm not real clear on how I need to set this up to best automate this process.

  • Billedhoggerforeningen

    Hi! Unfortunately I forgot to integrate the application form with dropbox before the deadline. I have 212 application based on names that I would like to have in separate folders like we use to, but when I integrate it now nothing happens. I tried clicking on "download all" but I get the option to download them all as pdfs, with is fine, but I would like to have all the content in each application downloaded too together with the pdf in separate folders. This have worked fine before when we did the integration beforehand. Is there any way I can automatically make these folders with pdf and content without downloading them manually from 212 application?

  • dovi follman

    i do not know how to get and dropbox id so i wanna create one

  • greencrosshealth

    We usually name our projects with both an ID number and a name. For example:
    "01234 - Job Name From Form Field"
    Is there a way to combine the unique ID at the start with text to follow?

  • macnoel

    Is it possible to automatically have a csv-file of the data of the filled form in the Dropbox-folder (together with the uploaded files and the pdf)?

  • iwonamypa

    This feature looks interesting. Could the number be used to create a customer identifier that future orders can then be appended to, so long as the identifier is used??

  • kellyfisher

    Why does my dropbox integration look different? I'd like these options but can't see it this way.


    I'd like it unique id folder method above but with different field name instead of unique id field.

  • mfaulkner

    I'd much RATHER have EACH FILE appended w/ the name, w/ all files in the same subfolder of a main folder.
    IE: Mainfolder/FormNameFolder/AllPDFswithUniqueFormNames
    How can that be done?

  • mikesazlimo

    Do I have to set up an account with Dropbox?