How to Add Custom Unique IDs to your Form Submissions?

October 12, 2021

If you need an ID like ISBN-0015 on your records, now you can accomplish this with our Unique ID field. It’s located under the Widgets section in the toolbox to the left. Just drag & drop this tool to wherever you want on your form. It will not be displayed to your customers but will show up on your reports and submissions page. 

To add a Unique ID, click on the Form Elements button, click on the Widgets tab, and then type Unique ID or part of it, then click on it or drag and drop it to your form.

The default Generation Method will be based on the Sequential Numbers. However, you can change this to Random Values through its properties:

The Prefix is available in both methods. It is very useful to categorize your IDs. You can add any string in front of your IDs, hence it will make it easier to search for specific IDs. For example, “UID-15” is a lot easier to find than plain “15”. You don’t need to use a hyphen on your prefixes but it’s better for readability. For instance: “UID-15” > “UID15” 

When choosing Sequential Numbers, you can set the following:

Current Index

The Current Index displays the current value of your ID. You can use this feature to set a starting point for your IDs. For instance, if you were to write 1000 here, Jotform would start counting from 1000. One important thing to remember about this property happens when you start to collect submissions. If you set this property to a lower number than the original current index, Jotform will continue increasing the new value regardless of previous entries so you may end up with the same IDs on different submissions.

Number of Digits

This feature will fix your IDs to the same length by putting “0”s before the ID value. For example, let’s assume that you are expecting 1,000,000 submissions for your form and you are using the “CID-” prefix for your IDs. If you don’t use number padding, you’ll end up with IDs like these:





By using number padding, you can prevent this. 1,000,000 is 7 digits long number, so if you select “7” in the number padding field, Jotform will convert your IDs to these:






You’ll always have the same ID lengths, hence it will be easier to organize your submissions.

When choosing Random Values, you can set the following:

Number of Characters

The Number of Characters means the number of random values that will be generated for each submission. While this option does not have any limit, we suggest not choosing to generate more than 18 characters.

Include Character(s)

The default is Numbers and Uppercase. However, you can choose to include Lowercase. To do so, just check the Lowercase option from the list. We highly recommend a combination of Numbers and Uppercase or Numbers and Lowercase.

A useful application of Unique ID is explained in this guide: How to Setup Sub-Folders in Dropbox Using the Unique ID Widget.

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