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How to Clone an Existing Form from Your Account

How to Clone an Existing Form from Your Account

Sometimes the ability to duplicate a form comes in handy. Whether you need to give separate groups the same form, to do some testing, or to make slight modifications to fit a new purpose, form cloning is a simple process if you follow the steps below:

1. Go to your MY FORMS page

2. Click the form you wish to clone (or copy).

3. Click the MORE ▼ dropdown

4. Then hit CLONE FORM

Bam! You’re done!

Alternative Method (more applicable if you have many forms):

1. Go to your MY FORMS page

2. Click the CREATE FORM button



5. Pick the form you want to clone from the dropdown menu

6. Then click the CONTINUE button to finish

Want to clone a form from a webpage? Refer to the guide below to learn more:


How'd you do? Got any issues, suggestions, or feedback. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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  • JeffHBM

    Okay, I have cloned a clone... now how to change the name? do I have to publish it first?

  • Heinz Eigenmann

    Ich habe beide Varianten versucht, leider ohne Erfolg ?
    Auch neue Formulare erhalte ich seit neustem immer mit dem selben unbrauchbaren Layout. Ich kann kein leeres Formular vernünftig aufbauen. Es generiert mir neue Felder und sofort auch neue Seiten.
    Bestehende Seiten duplizieren funktioniert auch nicht mehr?
    Danke für die Hilfe

  • SpenapaScout

    so ,what benefit this website

  • momiller71

    When I clone a form the form does not look the same as the original. The margins are all red and I get this message at the top: This form component is not available for this form layout. I don't understand it I'm cloning a form I already have.

  • PurdyExcursions

    I cloned a form. However every time someone submits the form the email has the original forms title. How do I edit the email title?

  • btereposky

    Even after renaming a form and changing the title it still has the original forms name in the browser tab and email notifications have the original form as well. How do I change that if re-naming doesn't work.

  • Shani59

    i can't clone a form. why?

  • ibroSecretariat

    When I clone a form which but want it to be linked to another form that I have also cloned, how do I link the two cloned forms together? At the moment, submissions to my form keep popping up under the submissions for the original, not the cloned, form.

  • eyequip2020

    Once I clone and make changes I can not find where to go to edit the Form Name?

  • Tannvernet

    I want to share a form with a friend. That hat was simply. We followed your instruction with pasting the url - but if we edit the cloned form it does not automatically update at the website.

  • sii

    How when cloning another JotForm users form via the url of their form change the original payment tool like PayPal to your email address instead of theirs?

  • cedcoiron

    How to rename the cloned form


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