Understanding Your Account Usage and Limits

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This guide explains how usage limits work for you to manage your account better. For a quick breakdown of the limits for each plan, visit the Features and Pricing page.

How to View Your Current Usage

You can view your current usage and limits by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner of the page.


You can also view your stats on the Account Usage page.


What Are the Usage Limits?

Aside from the API Call limit which resets daily, a limit can either be in monthly or total usage.

Monthly usage limits

The monthly usage limit refers to the maximum number of times you can use a feature every month. When you hit a monthly limit, you can either wait for the counter to reset which happens on the first day of each month, or upgrade your account to increase your limits.

Here’s the list of form features with monthly limits:

  • Submissions — The total number of entries, from all your forms, your account can receive every month.
    Note: A submission or form entry is when a user successfully submitted and created a record from your form.
  • Form Views — The total number of times, account-wide, your forms can be viewed. For more information, see Form View Limits.
  • Payment Submissions — The total number of valid and completed payments, from all your forms with payment integration, your account can receive every month.
  • Monthly Signed Documents — The total number of signing processes completed, from all your Sign documents, your account can have every month.

Pro tip

You can upgrade or downgrade your account anytime, depending on your current needs.

Total usage limits

The total usage limit is the allowed space or number of an item your account can use. Unlike its monthly counterpart, this usage limit type doesn’t reset and has to be managed manually. You can also upgrade your account to increase limits.

Here’s the list of features with this type of usage limit:

  • Forms — The maximum number of forms that can be active in your account. For managing active forms, see How to Enable or Disable a Form.
  • Fields per Form — The maximum number of elements and/or widgets allowed on a form.
  • Upload Space — The available disk space you can use, account-wide, for storing files uploaded on your forms. To free up your upload space, you can delete and then purge your form entries with file uploads.
  • Submission Storage — Not to be confused with the monthly submission limit. Submission Storage is the maximum number of entries, from all your forms, you can keep in your account. Can also be freed by purging form entries.
    Note: Exceeding this limit deletes the oldest form entry to make room for the new submission. To avoid losing data, see Downloading Form Submissions.
  • Email Notification — This limit is unique to the Starter (Free) plan where only one Email Notification with one recipient can be used. For more information, see Sending Notifications to Multiple Recipients.
  • Approvers — The total number of approvers you can add to a workflow, per workflow. For more information, see How to Request a Group Approval With Jotform Approvals.

What Happens When You Hit a Limit?

When you reach a usage limit, the system will send you a notification email about the details.

Submissions Limit
Form Views Limit
Payments Limit
Upload Space Limit
Submission Storage

You may also receive a warning message when you log in to your dashboard.


Reaching the Upload Space or any of the monthly limits prompts the system to disable your forms on the scheduled date indicated in the email sent to you. Your forms will also display the “Form over quota” message.


As already mentioned, you can delete and then purge your form entries with file uploads to free up your Upload Space. For the monthly limits, you can either wait for the counter to reset on the first day of each month, or upgrade to increase your account limits.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to Jotform Support.

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