Import Data: Easily Import Your Excel or CSV Data Into Jotform

July 15, 2023

If you need to import data into Jotform, you can use Import Data. It allows you to import your Excel or CSV data files into your forms.


Imported entries via Import Data count as real submissions which affect your account’s monthly and total submission limits.

To import your Excel or CSV data into your form

  1. Open Import Data and select Import Submissions Now at the bottom.
The Import Submission Now button in Jotform Import Data
  1. In the authorization dialog, select Allow.
The Allow button in Jotform Import Data's authorization dialog
  1. In the Form Picker dialog, choose a form, then select Continue.
The Jotform Import Data's Form Picker dialog
  1. Now, apply the template format from the import tool to your Excel or CSV file.
The Jotform Import Data's template format guide

See CSV and XLS Template Format for more information.

  1. Once your file is ready, click Select Source File at the bottom and upload your XLS or CSV file.
  2. Finally, select Import.
Steps to upload the source file in Jotform Import Data

Wait for the import to finish and if all goes well, you should see the results at the bottom of the page.

The results section after importing data with Jotform Import Data

The imported entries should now appear in your Jotform Tables.

CSV and XLS Template Format

The template produced by the import tool will tell you what the Excel or CSV file’s format should be so that the imported data is handled properly for you.

We suggest reading all of them carefully before going to the actual import. This is to ensure that all data goes to the right place. It’s pretty easy, all you have to do is change your Excel or CSV file’s headings and lines to match the template’s format.

For example, here’s the data in the original Excel file.

An example of an Excel data file

Here’s the import template format from Import Data:

An import template format example

For the import to work, the original Excel or CSV file needs to match the import template’s column headings and data format:

An import ready Excel file sample for Jotform Import Data

For your form elements with multiple fields like Full Name and Address, you need to combine the data into one column.

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