What Is a Form Builder

July 29, 2022

If you need to create great looking web forms quickly, a Form Builder is the best tool for the job. You can simply drag and drop questions and form fields to where you need them. You can also play with the color and structure of your forms. The best part is that you can do all of this without writing a single line of code! Explore our form builder now or watch the video to get a better idea of what a form builder can do.

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Why Do Most People Use Form Builders?

  1. To create web forms quickly and collect data professionally.
  2. To embed or share web forms without any higher level computer knowledge.
  3. To easily receive notifications whenever someone fills out the form.
  4. To browse responses in one place and to see them clearly.
  5. For the ability to download responses in Excel, CSV, or PDF formats.
  6. To analyze and share form reports with co-workers to plan optimization techniques to maximize conversions.
  7. To receive instant alerts and browse responses on mobile devices.

What type of forms do people use Jotform for? Just go over to our Form Templates Gallery with 10000+ templates and see it yourself!

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