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How to Show or Hide Fields Base on User's Answer

How to Show or Hide Fields Base on User's Answer

The Show/Hide Field is part of our Conditional Logic feature. This option is useful if you want a field to appear or hide, only when a previous field is filled or an option is selected.

Video Tutorial

Now, let's start with an example form. In the Form Builder, I have the following form structure:

Sample Form

Sample Form

As you could see, I have the field How did you know us?. We will apply conditional logic to this field that would show the individual text boxes below depending on the chosen option.

  1. Simply go to Settings > Conditions.
  2. Then click on Show/Hide Field.
  3. In the next window, set your rule and action.

    For example, from the field in the demo form, we have:

    Conditional Statement
    Conditional Statement
  4. Repeat the same condition for the other options and fields. In the example form, the overall conditional logic would be like this:

Note that you can add many rules and actions if you want. You can show or hide multiple fields at once. If you need to, just simply choose and follow our instructions from the following guides:

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments box below or by simply posting a thread into our support forum.

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  • keirmccann1967

    hi what if they users answers are in an input table?
    I.e. If they choose N/A id rather not show that line. Is that possible???

  • Johnson_Josh_josh

    I am wondering about invoice vs card. I want to allow them to pick first. If "card" is selected - Stripe Card functionality is present but if they pick "Check/Invoice" - Stripe is not present and still allows them to finish the form. Is this possible?

  • dohad_canada

    Thank you--this was super helpful.

  • JustRoots

    Hi! Can I hide/show specific answers within a question based on prior questions?

  • Littlejemsphotography

    Hi! I am asking people yes, yes with conditions or no, and if they answer yes but with conditions, id like a text box to pop up for them to write in. How do I go about doing this? Thanks :)

  • Sheena Evert

    I am making a form where clients can enter several pets with different descriptions but sharing some common information. This leads to selecting a field from previous. When the question is answered and the field is shown, it is the already completed version from the first one. Is there a way to prompt a refreshed version of prev. page?

  • Webmaster

    We want to provide a valid input mask for a UK telephone number. Is there a way to properly set that up so user has an idea what values to provide before hand.

    thank you

  • Jelinda Gibson

    Is this feature on the Free Version? I don’t see it as an option for me. I’m currently using the free version of JotForm.

  • IDOEWebmaster

    This example is not for a dropdown list, this is just a radio button list.

    Please give example for a long dropdown list, will it be possible to disable the option that was selected in the previous submission?

    Thank you,
    IDOE Webmaster

  • michellehorvitz

    We want to create a form where the user puts in a number of children they have so we can collect the name, email address for each one.

    Is there a way to populate the correct number of children information questions based on the answer to number of children?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you!

  • BPC65

    Brilliant - OK, I've sorted that now and have each correctly answered question revealing the next question with the final question revealing the submit button when answered correctly - so that all works, thanks.
    Now what I'd like is for the questions to be picked from a range - say 3 from 10 - is that possible?

  • Ricardo Huertas

    Estoy creando un formulario con condiciones pero no funciona correctamente. Agradezco su ayuda!

  • lanilarae

    I am trying so either show "correct" or "incorrect" based on the users response. I've created the fields using text boxes, set the conditions and then "hid" the fields. The "correct" field is working fine, but the "incorrect" field isn't hidden. What am I doing wrong?

  • Felicia Morris

    I am trying to create a condition on my form and it wont work .

    I see my condition saved but it is not applying ..

    my form is

  • AnndeGroot

    Thank you, it worked!

  • LeadershipInstitute

    Short text entry does not allow me to create a hyperlink.

  • Bob A

    I'm testing various elements available with Jotform to replace forms I currently use in Formstack. One of the features I'm testing is sending the form to Adobe sign for signature. While the form itself is not fully ready, the testing with Adobe sign seems to be sending ALL form fields in the form for signature including the fields that are hidden to to certain conditions being met. Is there something I need to do so conditionally hidden fields are not included when sent to Adobe sign for signature?

  • Letloveinternational

    I am still waiting g for a response to a question i have relative to conditional formating in a form called "Project Donation Form." Will there be a response soon? Thank you.

  • RevDrDLS

    I used the Hide-or-Show feature for question #1 and question #2 on my form. However, even though I entered separate information for both questions, the same question was used for both. How can I prevent this?

  • jhghf'

    --What a validation!!!!!

  • LMG_Coffs

    Hello, I have done exactly as the above example explains, however, when I preview the form the fields that should only show based on the condition (based on what answer they select) are still showing, so it does not seem to be working for me. I'm unsure of what I'm doing wrong.

  • mlmajor

    Can I use the show/hide conditional on the submit/print/clear form buttons? I am trying to hide (through CSS) the first submit button, which has an associated Print button. Then, only after the Print button is clicked, will the second submit button appear.

  • gendersummit12

    Gracias, pude realizar el formulario sin problema,


    Is it possible to create a new iteration of the same dropdown if the first one is "used".
    ie. If I select an item from the list, can I then recreate the same dropdown list exactly underneath this one that gives the user the ability to select other things from that same list up to say 5 things.

  • r83rob

    When I use this a promo code hides the right fields but then when the email comes in all the hidden fields are there with the visible one

  • realtomsamsher

    can u make it so that if ur using a multiple choice option then it take the user to every page they checked when they press next and not the next page?

  • marklane

    I'm not sure if I've encountered a bug or have a fault with my logic rules at the moment. I'm currently having a problem in a form I've created ( where:
    If you answer yes (that you have children), when you answer yes to has this child been baptized a section called "baptism info" should be displayed. If you answer anything other than yes the "baptism info" should not be displayed.

    My problem is that no matter what I answer the "baptism info" is not displayed.

    Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong. Thanks for your help.

  • DanielRavens1

    This works for me no problems on desktop but as soon as it is on mobile, when i try to show the hidden fields by choosing a selection on the drop down menu, nothing happens. Am i missing some file links if I'm using the source code integration method?

  • lynn25med

    I am using a likert scale from 1-10. Is it possible to set a conditional field, so that if they answer anywhere from 5-10 they are prompted to the next question and if they answer 4-1 they are not prompted to an additional ?

  • AKinmarketing

    Thanks.. It was helpful

  • Jo

    Can I hide an event once it reaches a certain number of submissions so no one else can respond?