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How Can I Cancel My PayPal Subscription?

How Can I Cancel My PayPal Subscription?

If you are trying to cancel your subscription that you have created directly over PayPal and are receiving an error telling you that you should contact support, or you get a message that it will be cancelled manually and you need it cancelled now, you can follow the next steps to quickly cancel your subscription:

1. Login to your Paypal Account
2. Find the reference to the latest payment you have made to JotForm
3. Once found, click the subscription number for that transaction
4. Now click on the "Cancel Subscription" button and that is it.

You can also visit ​this page​ for more detailed information on how to cancel a Paypal subscription.

If you have any question's or issues doing so, do let us know in the comments bellow and we will be happy to assist you in resolving everything as per your preferences.

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  • Bhaplicativos

    Cancelamento efetuado. Favor fazer o downgrade para a conta e liberar e reembolso do pagamento feito em 10/09/2019.
    Vou aguardar as atualizações para retornar ao plano Bronze.
    Precisa atualizar as instruções do PayPal "Última atualização: 16 de agosto de 2016"

  • terrencemoe1205

    Done. THank you so much

  • pshmker

    Looks like your instructions need a little updating, PayPal has changed their site a bit.

  • suzettepatriceevents

    Please cancel as I have been double registered.

  • Abidemi12345

    I cancelled my bronze account and was shown that it had been cancelled yet I got debited $19.. this is outright scam
    please I need a refund

  • Christine Rohrman

    I have canceled my bronze account. I was paying for silver and bronze starting in December. Please refund 5 months of the bronze monthly payment of $19.00.

    Dec - I-FYP7DTAEE8J3 (refunded already)
    Jan- 8PH29751367198320
    Feb- 2N027861CT463042X
    March- 70F99406XT928894D
    April- 5YL97441JD184335A

  • Mikensu

    Please refund my account

  • FashionProjectLIVE

    Ive been told to cancel my bronze payment account as I already have a silver account but my paypal only has the ID for the bronze and Im worried cancelling it will make me lose my forms. Please can I get some help.

  • Pretty

    Hi ,

    This is Pretty from had been cancelled our previous Bronze subscription by PayPal .How could I apply the refund that is paid for Jan and Feb totally $38 。
    Our PayPal account is you please let you billing team to send us the refund ?
    Hope to get your reply soon

  • Bob Hargin

    Cancel my paypal account asap

  • Cassyah

    Cancelei no site da PayPal.

  • helenmarshall

    Not happy same problem and not refunded

  • steidl

    When a "paid account" is cancelled to be a temporary "free account" to fix an incorrect subscription charge, what happens with the forms? Are the forms guaranteed and saved? What if there were a large number of forms and features that were used in a gold account. Does the free account erase excess data that is beyond the free account? What is the risk of losing data? If there was a problem, do you guarantee that a tech would retrieve lost data and that this would be handled immediately?

  • Rodney Lee Volkmar

    whatever it is you just billed me 190.00 for cancel it please I don't has that kinda extra money anymore


    Dear Sir/Madam
    I had taken the bronze package for Jotform. I wanted to downgrade to free for the month of December and did so through Jotform and PayPal. However, I have received an email stating that I have been charged for the month of December. Please guide me on how to cancel the subscription, and give the refund for the month of December.

    Best regards

  • OSKRace

    I have just again tried to cancel my Silver subscription to free. I don't know if this has been successful or not. I have no money left in the account, so if you do not stop charging me, the account will go into overdraft and I will then charge your company the legal fees required.

  • Stephanie Afonso

    Hi, how can I add a new PayPal account to my subscription and remove the existing PayPal account linked? Please send me a detailed email. As the email I received before was not very informative.

    Thank you,

  • StijlC




  • NextDayNutrition

    there is no option on my pay pal to cancel my subscription. I upgraded my plan and now need to cancel the lower option I previous had.

  • marybeth tkach

    S-3FK71206VJ627004V please cancel this subscription.

  • ECVP

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I didn't managed to cancel my subscription on time throught Paypal and I received a notification now that next month's amount is already charged. I just cancel it and I would like to get the refund.
    Best regards

  • urbanauts

    Thank you - I canceled my account.
    Best regards, URBANAUTS

  • prideofpcband

    I completed the steps. Please check it for me. I want to be sure it worked like we thought.

  • wjkipp

    I have canceled the subscription. Please update my forms... Customers are waiting

  • dignity14

    I want to downgrade to a lower package NOT a free one. Cancelling my subscription for which i paid $99 this morning and signing up for a new plan means i have to pay AGAIN for the new plan. How can I avoid having to pay twice in the same period?

  • dignity14

    I want to downgrade to a lower package NOT

  • nplcampania_napoli

    Kind Kevin,
    thank you for your quick reply.
    Can you tell me in which section can I read that I have received my sum paid with Pay Pall?
    Can you confirm that my credit card payment went well and my subscription is confirmed?
    I would not lose my data ...
    Thanks for your reply, kind regards


  • valerie lindahl

    I do not authorize any use of paypal I have tried to cancel and even thought that I deleted my account however I am getting emails stating that i am going to be charged for items that were never ordered by me.

  • Frank Bennett

    I will cancel my subscription to PayPal if no one can give a straight answer why am I being bill monthly for $9.99 I do not have a business account. Frank Bennett

  • visioneyeinstitute

    I followed your directions above but keep getting a "Fatal Error" I'm hoping this is because the subscription is already cancelled.

  • Astoly

    Thank you.

    The latest payment was withdrawn on 3/12/17. I have cancelled my subscription for the future.
    But is it possible to refund the money as I will not be using Jotform for the next year?

    Thank you, Anna

  • Jeanny

    How can I delete my account?

  • Kiralie Allan

    Hi I think I have confused the situation as it wasn't very clear, I have now subscribed to the $114 membership deal, I payed with the new PayPal account. But yes I still need to make sure the next payment in December n2018 comes from the new PayPal. What do I do as I have already paid?


  • drbrokenhosue

    It is taking off a credit card and not paypal. Robert Thomas 10/2017

  • ncirco

    I would like to cancel my subscription and it is not paid by PayPal? Please advise

  • mr g n pickles

    i wish to cancel my subsciption i did say so at the time

  • Kristine Smart

    I am done with the use of Paypal. I should've never had it in first place. It is unnecessary and just another greedy ex. of corporate.
    Thank you.
    Cash & debit payments are the only options for my husband and I.

  • Maggie

    I sporadically use my paypal account, I'm not a frequent user. I was looking at my credit card statement last night and I have $14.99 charge from Paypal Pro but I did not ever start a Pro account? I would like this charge removed and make sure my account is a regular, no fee account. Please advise, I signed into my account and could not find anything with regards to a Pro account.

  • sfmensadotorg

    It would be nice to have a link to the Knowledge Base article when we need to cancel the subscription manually. I was charged for an extra month because of the lack of info about how to cancel my PayPal recurring subscription. Not cool.

  • cameronfisher

    I was charged for a year on Sept. 20th for a subscription I would like to cancel. Please advise.

  • williamsreg


    I would like to cancel my subscription to JOTFORM.

    Our company is migrating from Adobe FORMSCENTRAL and we tried and tried to use JOTFORM to customize our forms but unfortunately we are on the eve of the deadline and I cannot get the forms the way we want it to be. Simple things like making changes to font, I've 2-3 emails and none of the solutions work. It may have something to do with the fact we imported the forms from FORMSCENTRAL, I don't know and obviously your tech support team doesn't know either. They are sending out instructions but I wonder if they really read the question in the first place.

    Anyways, JOTFORM is not a bad tool but simply is too frustrating to use. Your forms "designer" is another frustrating and time consuming tool that still hasn't allowed me to change fonts.

    Please let me know whether you are able to refund my subscription which is paid up for one year. I don't mind paying for this month but beyond that I would like a refund please.