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How to Upgrade and Pay by Purchase Order

How to Upgrade and Pay by Purchase Order

We are no longer offering the purchase order payment option. Existing subscriptions paid by purchase order will remain active. However, if you want to switch to a different plan, you must pay by credit/debit card or PayPal.

JotForm offers an upgrade payment by Purchase Order. To do so, the following steps should be followed.

1. While on the pricing page, click the Upgrade button to your preferred plan.

2. Select the Check/Purchase Order/Wire Transfer option.

There's a minimum amount required when paying via Purchase order since there is some manual labor involved, so you will need to purchase the yearly plan.

3. Click the Upgrade button. This will open a new window for providing your personal and/or customer information.

4. Fill everything on the page including your JotForm Login Name which will be your JotForm Username and not the email address. 

5. Select Purchase Order from the Method of Payment drop-down. Here's an example window:

6. Clicking the Next button will redirect you to the last page where you can see the Purchase Order Instructions and Purchase Order Procedure information.

Please save a copy of the page for future inquiries. 

Note that we do not give a timeframe for this type of payment. You must strictly follow the Purchase Order Instructions. Once BlueSnap will process the Order, it will be sent to us for Approval. Once the order is approved, you'll get an additional email with instructions on how you should send the payment. We cannot upgrade the account until the payment is cleared.

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  • mbyrd

    There is no longer an option to select a check or PO, the only options are credit card and paypal. How can I get this account renewed?

  • bananait

    This instruction is very useless as I have paid via credit card payment. Credit card form was filled in and fund was deducted. However my plan is still not upgraded. Please assist if you guys are running a legitimate business.

  • fimian

    please send me your IBAN-Adress and anythig else for my payment.
    regards Andy Fimian

  • sefengagement

    Our finance team has advised that I need you to complete a "supplier maintenance form' in order for us to pay by purchase order. How do I send this to you>