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How to Change Thank You Message Using Conditional Logic

How to Change Thank You Message Using Conditional Logic

So you want to change the "Thank You" message based on your form's field value? Example case scenario is when you have a quiz form, you want to display different "Thank You" messages depending on their score. That is possible using JotForm's Conditions feature (Conditional Logic).

Here's a demo form that I made: Feel free to answer the general trivia questions that I have, see the thank you messages depending if you passed or fail.

This is how I setup mine:

1. First, I setup the questions using radio buttons and assigned calculation values on them. "0" for an incorrect answer and "1" for the correct answer. 

To learn more about this, feel free to check this guide link: How to assign calculation values on your form fields 

2. I will then use the Form Calculation widget to calculate the total scores. You can check this guide link to learn more about this. The total score is hidden, I don't want my users to see the live score being calculated in sight.

3. Now how to change the "Thank You" message based on the user's total score? Start by navigating to Settings->Conditions page:

4. Select Change "Thank You" Page.

5. The condition logic has two parts, the "IF" and "DO" statement. Select "Display a custom message on submission" in the "DO" drop down option.

Here's the anatomy of a conditional logic:

"IF" statement => The rule that needs to be met for the condition to trigger.

"DO" statement => The action that will be triggered when the "IF" rule is true.


 => This button allows you to add another "IF" statement rule.


6. When you scroll down after selecting "Display a custom message on submission", you'll see a text editor, this allows you to change the message to be shown when the "IF" rule is true.


7. Now repeat steps 3-6 if you need to add multiple thank you messages depending on the score range. In my case, I only have two conditions. If the score is greater than 59% (meaning 60% and up) I'll display the congratulatory message, if the score is less than 60% (meaning 59% and below) I'll display the other.


Congratulations! You are now done. Make sure to save the changes and test your form :)

If you have any questions? Feel free to comment below or open a thread in our forum.

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  • GWBstaff

    The person's current score is not showing. I typed in as shown above: {Total Score} but does not display. How can I fix this?

  • tkugateway

    On the custom message, I don't have the formatting options shown in the screenshot in the above tutorial. I would like to adjust the font size in the custom message but it doesn't give me the formatting bar to do so. I'm using a card-style form. Why I don't I have those options?

  • tenapay.pastries

    My form is not working as I configured.

    I have 4 payment options, and I configured conditional logic to show 4 different thank you pages for each payment options. However, when I tested the form, it keeps on showing the original thank you page regardless of the conditions I set it to.

    I am changing both text and image in the content of the thank you page.

    Page URL:

  • natdeerose

    I created conditions to change “Thank You” page action according to the form submission to display a custom message on submission. I'd like to have that thank you message emailed to the recipient, and myself in the confirmation emails - its kind of the quiz results. how would I do that?

  • tech_hero

    My form has 5 criteria people are being scored on. I want to have one of 3 messages display for each factor based on the score. Is there a way for the thank you page to show something like this?

    Your results were as follows:

    Security -- Score 27
    Excellent! You did great on security. Your data is probably safe.

    Performance -- Score 18
    Overall good! Your equipment is starting to age, but you've definitely got several good years left.

    Organization -- Score 11
    Your files seems to be a bit disorganized and could use some support. Let's work on this together!

  • kjohnson430

    Can this same setup be applied to a workshop registration form? I would like for people to see a confirmation of what workshops they registered for on the Thank You page.

  • trini

    Is there an option to use nesting for multiple criteria? As in:
    IF [question, state, target, value] AND [question, state, target, value] -> DO [custom thank you]

  • pacyber

    I set my conditions and people are reciving the wrong message