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Send Notifications to Multiple Recipients

Send Notifications to Multiple Recipients

If you'd like notification emails to be received on multiple email addresses, follow these steps:

1. Click SETTINGS at the top > EMAILS on the left > place your mouse over the notification > then hit the PENCIL icon to edit it.

2. Go to the RECIPIENTS tab > then on the RECIPIENT EMAILS section, add your preferred email addresses. Don't forget to SAVE your changes.

NOTE: Multiple recipients is only available to paid users. There's also a limit of 10 recipients per Notification and 2 for Autoresponders. You need to create a new notification if you wish to send it to more than 10 emails.

Questions? Please let us know below!

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  • juliaemilys

    I need to add 3 email recipients depending on what region a customer is located in. Which plan do I need?

  • wibbu

    When people fill out our form, they have the option to add an additional email address (friend, colleagues, etc.) in order for that extra email person to get the same info.

    Can we send them both (the person who fill the email and the extra email address) an autoresponse?

    If so, would it be possible to know how to do it?

  • dbdelcorso

    Hello! I was wondering if there is a way to, when the form is delivered to recipients, have ALL the recipient email addresses appear in the "To" field so that recipients can see who else the notification has been delivered to. This appears to work on some of the forms I use and not others, so I was wondering if this is a setting that can be changed. Thanks!

  • rotero

    multiple recepient for notification... dosnt work.. i only limit it below 10 emails but the only email that can receive notif email is the first email that i added...

  • bargelady

    Hi I would like to do this but my version of JF looks nothing like this

  • mchapman007

    How can everyone in the distribution group email get the associated form when it is submitted? I need to see all who is receiving the email in the :To: field from the notification. Thanks.

  • coffeecontracts

    I recently updated an existing jotform (Certificate of Insurance) to notify 5 email recipients. Neither the notifications nor the autoresponder are sending out. Please advise.

  • 3Gee

    So, this doesn't seem to work. I've tried it multiple times with different email recipients and the email only goes to the address associated with my account. Even when that email address isn't in the list, it's the only one that receives the email.

  • russel

    lately, i found out i did not receive notifications in my email thou we are using our form in jotforms in our daily basis. how this happen or what is the cause of this?

  • elliotjones76

    I currently have this setup under conditions. One email is going to two recipients. Up until two weeks ago when either of them got the email it showed both emails receiving the form. So both users knew each other got the form. Now recently it is only showing one person so they are thinking the other person didn't receive the form. Any reason why this change?

    I need for them to both see the recipients of the form.

  • Gilberto Douglas

    olá, boa tarde equipe jotform a minha dúvida e como dar a opção para o meu cliente selecionar um o departamento(destino) no processo de preenchimento do formulairo.

    Exemplo: ele preenche o formulário e antes dele enviar a mensagem ele seleciona o departamento para onde o e-mail vai, em que caixa de entrada.

    Isso e possível?

  • Kjell Inge

    Hi. When sending to multiple receipients I would like them to be able to see who else has received the e-mail.
    Now it seems that it sends one individual email to each recipient?

  • nextitalia

    I create a mail list but i want that the recipient is in hide copy. All recipient see only his email. It's possible?

  • wafsc

    My emails are not going to an office 365 email account.

    They seem to get lost in cyber space

  • cperaltaolivera

    Dear JotForm Support,

    I have followed the steps described in the "Send Notifications to Multiple Recipients" because I need to send the notification to 2 different recipients, but for some reason the notification keep being sent to just one, the one that I have used for registration ... Any idea how to solve this problem? Many thanks in advance.

    Best regards,



    I want to send forms to 90 contacts. after 10 contacts it is showing "you have reached the limit". What is the solution?

  • megha sehgal

    This is not about sending form .This was to ask if the form response can be sent to multiple email id's other than the one who is filling the form


    Hi! I have two forms that I need to use at the same time, how can I use a form with a notification email address and the otherone with other email address?? can I do it by this way? I need a permanent form and the other form is for two weeks.

  • sadrash

    Guys, please note that the test btn only sends the mail over to ur logged in account email, but once used the form in ur portal, it does send the emails to all of ur notifiers :D

  • 李勇

    I have multiple email recipients and have checked the email addresses for accuracy and set up. No one is getting the test email. The email is being sent to the default email which would be me. How can I correct this?

  • 李勇

    I have multiple email recipients and have checked the email addresses for accuracy and set up. No one is getting the test email. The email is being sent to the default email which would be me. How can I correct this?

  • ATimport

    I have multiple email recipients and have checked the email addresses for accuracy and set up. No one is getting the test email. The email is being sent to the default email which would be me. How can I correct this?

  • dbis


    It only seems to be sending to the last email recipient for me. I've carefully checked that there is only one comma and space between the email addresses. Also when I click the view answer above it throws me back to my list of forms?

    Any help would be appreciated as we are using these forms in production and notifcations are not going to everyone!

    Best regards


  • yaigesh

    I am following the instructions but everytime I send a test email from the website or here, it only comes to one email recipient..

  • 1thomh1

    It does not let me type in the Recipient Email box, it just gives me a dropdown box of fields from the form.. I want to use the email the client specified in the form, but also add our CRM system into the email..

    Also, will this create two emails, or one with both names in the to field?



  • xe7en

    i also Need help, i've follow the guide but it doesnt work :/

  • Dora

    Need help from anyone & would give you details on reading from you and please reach me on thanks and stay blessed

  • 14ir001

    Doesn't work for me, i receive email when a submission is done but not the on 2nd email address i choose to receive it.

  • gprabanesjr

    i need to send notification to 15 recipients, as per selection of responder. i already made many email alerts, but the condition wizards is limiting me to only up to 4 conditions. why is that so? how can i send notifications to 15 recipients as per selections?

  • Ilya

    How can I add two email addresses with condition that messages will come to them in the order (first message - to emal-1, second - to email-2, third - to email-1, fourth - to email-2... and so on).
    Is it possible?

  • Benjamin Berko


  • sashaniala

    I've tried this and added two email addresses but it still tells me that the form was submitted to the address I had deleted!

    I still have not received any of these submissions. Please help.

  • +994504222684

    Salam xanim axsaminiz xeyir. +99450-422-26-84

  • kristy


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  • Faim


    can i insert gmail addresses to recipients?


  • layal2k

    I can't get this to work for multiple recipients. It only send to 1st recipient (me) form is called AC Cage Man Quote...please help...thx

  • majkov

    I did this but it don't work in my form. Email send only to my account email.

  • FanficDoar

    Now there is an option to add a mailing list to receive notification. But when I do the test email, ALWAYS send to my email login! What do I do?

  • Claudio

    Hi everyone,
    in my form I have a multiple choice, is possible to set a different e-mail recipient depending on the choice that user choose?


  • plasticmary

    This is still not working. Any idea why?

  • sofi124

    it doesn't work.Plz help me I want to change email address.

  • vmatheny

    I need multiple recipients but the test only goes to the first person. I assume that this shows that the actual form would only go to one person. The multiple has worked in the past until recently at which point, I re-entered the information with commas as required, but the test is only reaching me. Do I need to actually fill out the form for it to go to all recipients?

  • roboform

    I want the submissions to be received on my email address. This makes me the recipient. But what about the sender name and sender email? What are these options exactly? Wont jotforum automatically forward me the filled form once it is submitted?

  • mike

    bvbv bv

  • jyyjy


  • internetfiliale

    I need the "BCC-recipient" because of using the dropbox feature of CapsuleCRM (works like Highrise).
    You should provide this generally.
    Thanks a lot.

  • brianhoyle

    I'd like to email specific recipients based upon a selection from a drop down box included in the form. So, if a respondent enters "Option 1", the form will be sent to "Email 1". If the respondent enters "Option 7" the form will be sent to "Email 7". And, so on. Is this possible within JotForm?

  • mbozd

    Hallo, is anyone there who speaks Turkish. I saw somewhere Mr. Aytekin, if can he help me?

  • almonte_contact

    Does adding a new email change the source code? ie. If I used the whole source code inside of my website, instead of using the embed feature, will I need to redo the code on my site?

  • jotformjon

    so on this tip above it says to comma delimit the multiple email addresses you want to send to.

    But why then does there also apear to be an ability to add additional email notifications by clicking the button called "add email" under email alerts/add email(button). Clicking this button adds a new numbered "notification" line such as 2,3,4. You can add a new address to each one's envelope. It seems to allow this, and it sort of seems intuitive. But I'm guessing it's wrong as all three of the notification emails address I setup are not getting mailed. So what is that add email button for? Is it not supposed to add additional notifications?

    This part seems really odd, the rest of this setup is beautifully done.