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How to Attach a File to Autoresponder Emails

How to Attach a File to Autoresponder Emails

Whether you’re a teacher who wants to send supplemental information to your students or a business who wants to automatically send a whitepaper to new mailing list contacts, this new feature should come in handy. 

To enable this feature, follow these simple steps:
  1. Select the form for your Autoresponder Email and click More.
  2. Click on Emails to see the setup wizard.
  3. Create a new Autoresponder Email or edit an existing one.
  4. Under the Advanced tab, you’ll see a field labeled Attach a File that allows you to upload an attachment.
  5. Upload your attachment and click Save.


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  • michelesyog

    What types of files can be attached? I’m trying to attach a voice recording to an auto response email that is a m4a file type and it will allow it. Also what is the max size for a file?

  • nsmd

    Yes I know that. I did it and it failed to send the attachment in the auto response. What it did was send a PDF of what I filled in.

  • kirstypilates

    I've added a PDF file to my autoresponder. It appears on the email but when I try to open it says....

    The file “Terms & Conditions.pdf” could not be opened because it is empty.

  • fatty_hoot_yo

    I do not the option "Emails" as you mentioned in the 2nd step.

    After selecting the form and clicked on more.... then I see only the following options:
    View Form
    View Submissions
    Form Analytics
    Revision History
    Clone Form
    Create PDF Form
    Share as Template

    If I need to check anywhere else where I can find the Emails option please let me know.


  • TRISudbury

    Can I add more than one attachment? I don't see this option but would like to do so if posible.

  • AlanJordan

    I do not see an attach file field for this form:

    I have enabledthe attach file feature. I also closed the form and opened it again.

  • IssuesInk

    I got a message the file type wasn't supported when attaching an Excel file?

  • amit sahni


  • YWAMHolmstedPersonnel

    When I send myself a test email the attachment isn't there. Does this mean that the attachment hasn't worked?

  • FauziNM

    Can I attach multiple files? Zipped file not supported. I'm prefer 2-3 pdf files to attached in to the autoresponder email. Regards.

  • sayitright

    I can't find this feature please help?

  • angelarasmussen

    after I embed a code I want it to say the title of my form not show the code. I want it to be a link. How do I do this?

  • pnaaf

    My form does not show attach a file field.

  • JohnPreble

    What's the easiest way to send a form via email to a client? Keep in mind I don't understand exactly what you mean by autoresponder.

    John Preble