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Daily API Call Limits

Daily API Call Limits

What is API and what does an API key do?

The API (Application Programming Interface) is a way to retrieve and transfer data between different services. When it comes to JotForm, API is used in service integrations, widgets and apps. In order API to work, JotForm creates a unique API key. Hence, when an API is called from one source to another, this API key is used by widgets that are active in forms or service integrations. Keep in mind that each widget triggers their own API call. At this point, as it can be guessed, it is using bandwidth or resources in JotForm's part. In order to optimize the performance of this process, we had to put different limits on daily API calls.


To clear things out, let's take Inventory widget as an example. Inventory widget uses an API key to fetch information from your account to check the available quantities that were specified in it’s settings. In this case, Inventory widget will use an API call for each time when it checks availability of the added products. So if you have twelve widgets on a form, each time the form is visited or loaded, it will trigger at least 12 API calls, depending on how are you using those widgets and how the widgets you are using are designed architecturally.

What is the API limit for my account’s plan?

You can check your account’s daily API call limit from the table below.

JotForm Enterprise has no limits to the number of API calls, forms, submissions, form fields, payments and storage.

Will my form be disabled if I reach the daily API call limit?

API call limit is different from the form views and the form submission limits. Your forms will continue to work as they are, since you are not running out of form views or form submissions. Widgets, apps or the service integrations have their own resources, so when you reach the daily API call limit, they can't fetch information from your account. Thus, if you have reached your API limit, then it is highly probable that your widgets will fail to load or won’t work at some point.

At what time the daily API call limits are reset?

Our systems automatically reset our users’ daily API call limits at midnight for the Eastern Standard Time (EST) zone.

From where can I check and organize my account’s API keys?

API Keys can be found in your My Account page, under the link:

From here you can check your API keys and the apps that are authorized to create and use their API keys. For further information about creating new API keys, you can check out our related user guide: How to Create a JotForm API key

Is there a way to check my remaining API limit for the day?

First you need to go to the JotForm API page by following this link:

Once you’ve used your cookies or your API key for the Try it out option, you can see the number of times you’ve called your API from "api" line, and the number of API calls you still have from the "limit-left" line. You can check out the screenshot below for guidance.

Why did I reach my daily API call limit so quickly?

In order to process the data from your account, some of these popular services have tendency to use more API calls, as mentioned before. So, it is indeed an important cautionary act to design your forms in accordance with your account’s daily API call limits. If you’re having trouble with making ends meet when it comes to daily API call limits, you can either, go through your forms and restrain some of these services or upgrade your account plan. Here is a short list of our popular services which are able to trigger API calls:

  • -Widgets (e.g., Configurable Lists, Mobile Responsive, Image Radio Buttons)
  • -Applications (e.g., Auto Delete Submissions, Pre populate, Mobile Apps)
  • -Integrations (e.g., PayPal, Zapier, Google Spreadsheets)

Last but not least, if you have understood how API process works, but you still have questions or having some issues regarding API, please contact us from our Support Forums and we will be more than happy to help you.

(This user guide was created with the information provided in our forms by our support heroes Elton & Charmie)

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