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How to Add an E-Signature to Your Form

How to Add an E-Signature to Your Form

Back in 2013, we introduced E-Signature Widgets that you can add to your forms. If you're looking for a way to add a field that allows your respondents to sign the form right before submission, we now have our Signature field as one of our basic fields in the form builder. We also offer a variety of eSignature widgets that you can choose from.

So, what kinds of forms may need E-signatures?

E-signatures can be used on consent formscontracts, application forms, registration forms, online petitions, forms that require terms of service agreements, non-disclosure agreements, incident reporting, and human resources forms.

To save you some time on figuring out what works best for you, we're listing the most commonly used widgets below:

🔘 Smooth Signature

🔘 E-Signature

🔘 Docusign

🔘 Adobe Sign

To add a signature field to your form, just do the following:

1. In the form builder, click the Add Form Element button on the left.

2. Click or drag/drop Signature to your form:

If you want to use one of the eSignature widgets listed above, go to the Widgets tab and search for Signature, click or drag/drop the widget you want to use.

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In case you're wondering whether these widgets are legally binding, we recommend you read the article linked below. Here's an excerpt for your convenience:

E-signatures are legally binding on almost all countries and states, but we still recommend consulting with your lawyer. JotForm records the IP address and time of the signature made so that also provides additional confirmation about the signer of the document.

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    How can I make the e-signatures time stamped and have the time stamp appear next to the signature on the printed form?

  • anselkhoo

    After doing up the E-signature widget, how can i send it to the multiple employees to sign on it? what if they do not have company email? Please advise. thanks.

    My email is

  • Alexandria Garner

    Hi, I would like some help Creating a consult form to send out to my clients and for them to send back with a signature. I already have a form designed, I just need to make it signable. Is this something I can do through jotforms?

    Kindest regards

  • HuttonSafetyGroup

    Would love JotForm to create a "Save Signature and Add Another" feature so that multiple people can sign off on a form, so that you don't have to conditionally program multiple sign off fields.

  • Raj Zavery

    Are the signature widgets all paid for add Ons? Is there an option that allows us to add the facility without a costly subscription? Is it compatible Signaturely?

  • Dianamiller

    I need to have several signatures but not sure how to set that up

  • Mariana_Peralta

    Hello, I need to add my own signature into a document I am creating. I can not see where I can insert it.

  • Langston68

    question, in the table format I see some images of signatures and some that just say "signature", why isn't that consistent?

  • Dashiell

    How can I e-sign a form I received via e-mail? It's not a pdf. It has a "Submit" button to send back.

  • RuralMedia

    Hi need 4 different people to e-sign a document - how can I set this up in jotform please???

  • SpokaneHS

    We do not need actual signatures on one of our forms, but want to use text as a signature. Is there a way to change the text font to a cursive font such as Brush Script MT in only one element or field?

  • srkmuar

    My signature doesnt wirk well in mobile.
    Couldnt finf out the reason.

  • onsitegroup

    Is there a way that I can complete a form, and the submission email has a signature request on it that is then completed by a 3rd party?

  • awanliss12

    Good day. I added an electronic signature to the form I created. However, when I receive form responses, the electronic signature is not seen. Please advise so this can be rectified. Thanks very much

  • sandramilena2745

    Buenas noches.

    Mi nombre es Sandra deseo saber si a los formularios se puede anexar una firma, además si es posible adjuntar documentos, hay alguna licencia en especial que deba comprar para hacer uso de estas dos funciones.

    Queso muy atenta

  • Claudia0711

    Hi There

    As a Soft Tissue Therapist, I require a signed Covid Screening document. I have uploaded the original PDF from my association and managed to create a form. But when I download the submitted form as an PDF I can't open it. It tells me the Pdf file has been damaged and can't be repaired! What is happening?

    kind regards

  • Karol Matthews

    We operate a food pantry and feed about 250 families per week. Some of our food is USDA and requires a signed form. Since COVID-19 we have experienced a 300% increase in the number of families being fed. We are a 501c3 organization and would be very interested if you could help us digitalize our operation to expedite the vast number of cars/families who drive thru to pick up food.
    Thank you, Karol Matthews
    Team Leader
    Bread from Heaven

  • Branden Kelly

    Assuming an organization would need additional licensing in order to incorporate an e signature for a form? For example, would we need JotForm and Adobe Sign licensing? Or JotForm and Sigplus in order to complete a form that requires a digital signature?

  • Eleanore Neale

    I can get the signature and the date...but can't send it back...don't know how.

  • Eleanore Neale

    I can get the signature and the date...but can't send it back...don't know how.

  • akshayffb

    I have added e-signature to my form but ,if the client makes mistake and wants to clean/refresh the signature field how will he?
    How do I add refresh/clean signature field button?

  • Debbie

    If I have the free version and only have one form can I get multiple signatures on that one form.

    The one form will have multiple entries. Each entry needs about 3 signatures.

    Thank you

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    but how can you collect several signatures from 1 signer on the same form?

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    Do you support any other e-signature providers or just DocuSign & AdobeSign?

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    Is there a way for the signature to come through in the email that is generated?
    Currently, all that shows is a little icon. I can click on the icon and download the signature.
    However, I need it to show in the email, because we print the emails and save in a file.

  • kahweng

    Hi, would like to check, would electronic do with jotform be possible?

    Thank you

  • asrobin

    I put the signature widget on my form and filled out the form and then went through practice form but signature did not come through, did I do something wrong? Please help. Thanks

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    I want to intergrate the form on my website.
    How do I proceed?

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