How to Add an E-Signature to Your Form

October 5, 2022

Back in 2013, we introduced E-Signature Widgets that you can add to your forms. If you’re looking for a way to add a field that allows your respondents to sign the form right before submission, we now have our Signature field as one of our basic fields in the form builder. We also offer a variety of eSignature widgets that you can choose from.

Our newest product, Jotform Sign, is a new way to collect signatures and create legally binding documentation with just a few clicks. Any document you create in Jotform Sign is UETA and ESIGN compliant, and will be part of a workflow so you can easily track and automate the signing process. Go to the My Documents tile from the My Forms homepage to get started today.

So, what kinds of forms may need E-signatures?

E-signatures can be used on consent formscontracts, application forms, registration forms, online petitions, forms that require terms of service agreements, non-disclosure agreements, incident reporting, and human resources forms.

To save you some time on figuring out what works best for you, we’re listing the most commonly used widgets below:

To add a an e-signature widget to your form, just do the following:

  1. In the Form Builder, click the Add Form Element button on the left.
  1. Click or drag and drop the Signature element to your form.

If you want to use one of the eSignature widgets listed above, go to the Widgets tab and search for “Signature”, click or drag and drop the widget you want to use.


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In case you’re wondering whether these widgets are legally binding, we recommend you read the article linked below. Here’s an excerpt for your convenience:

E-signatures are legally binding on almost all countries and states, but we still recommend consulting with your lawyer. Jotform records the IP address and time of the signature made so that also provides additional confirmation about the signer of the document.

Announcing E-Signatures for Forms
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