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Order Form Basics

Order Form Basics

Services, such as Square, PayPal, Stripe, BlueSnap,, etc., allow you to collect payments from your websites. What they don't provide is integrated order forms where you can ask any kind of questions to your customer.

For example, if you're selling a service, you'd want customers to enter details about their industry, needs, interests, etc. We help you set up payment integrated forms in minutes using a simple wizard.

Example use cases using order forms:

  • Get donations for your cause.
  • Sell products directly from your website.
  • Get recurring payments for memberships/services.
  • Sell registrations like concerts, seminars, special events.
  • Sell e-books, PDF reports, white papers on a landing page.

JotForm's Integrated Payment Gateways

You can access these by clicking the Add Form Element icon then navigate to the Payments tab.

Add Form Element
Payments tab

Payments tab

Things to Know Before Using Payment Integrations

  1. First, you need to create or have an account with the payment processor you're about to use.
  2. Some payment gateways, such as PayPal Personal, do not allow collecting credit card information on your own page, so your forms will simply redirect users to these sites to complete payments.
  3. Compare the options — other good options could be PayJunction, 2checkout, or Worldpay.

Still undecided? Try reading this blog post: Which Payment Processor is Right for Your Business

Now that we've got the basics handled, let's go on learning the types of order forms we can use on JotForm.

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  • shamrahman76

    Hi i have tried to set up a paypal intergration but i would like to remove it and revert back to my normal form before, i cant seem to remove the paypal method.


    How can I add upi payment gateway in form?

  • wwwshajjadmostafa

    Can you do cash on delivery option?

  • matildarobertson26

    Can you do cash on delivery option??

  • brookeraeholmes

    do i have to have my form integrated with some for of payment? or can i just have it set up as a survey they complete?

  • skicza75

    Is there a way to do a buy 3 get 1 free option?

  • Aglawe Vinayak

    Payment canduct India Bank Google pay upi

  • ghosalamalhpcl

    I have no PayPal account. I don't see any form.So please send my gift money by cheque.

  • Felixschoolwear

    Is it possible to change currency from $ to £?

  • Togienn

    Order Form:
    - Sell e-books , PDF reports , white papers on a landing page
    -Get recurring payments for memberships /services.
    Thing to know Before Using Payment Integrations :
    1. First , you need to create or have an account with the payment
    processor you ' re about to use.
    3. Compare the opations - others could be
    Contact JotForm Support :

  • adrian.cdm

    why is the payment section grayed out when I try to add it to my form?

  • Adam Stein


    Do you support the NETbilling gateway?

  • Margine

    I want use PayPal.

  • camppitt47

    Can coupon codes be utilized? Currently we ask: "do you have a coupon?" IF YES then the registrant enters an active code in a dialog box and the correct amount is deducted from the final amount.

  • templebuilder

    How do you edit your payment source. One of my forms use stripe and i love it, however i am attempting to create another form and will not let me deselect "Purchase Order" as payment so that I may use stripe at that form as well

  • kyle_burch

    currently the form I am working on sends the user to my paypal account after signing the form and pressing submit. I don't want that to happen. I want the user to be redirected to a payment page on my website. How can I change this?

  • Kamyd70

    We are setup to use


    How would I integrate a payment form to sell products on an a website? Would it be actually embedded in the frame work of my software or would it be redirected to your software and then to the payment processor?

    Thank you


  • ellielopez


  • ibelmon

    Need help adding payment method. After selecting: Add Form Element-Payment, I'm not able to click on ""...its not highlighted.
    Please help. Thanks

    We are set up to use authorize net.

  • Mirbaz

    How is it work what is the procedure??

  • jizza123

    thank you so much , your services its amazing really , how i can get start with this service payment processor

  • Bettereyesight

    I had three people submit payments today for a seminar I am conducting. My payment processor is Square. When I use Square at my office I immediately (within minutes) receive a confirmation from Square via email that payment was received.

    I have not yet received any notice from Square about the three separate payments that came through with the Jotform. I checked the form submissions to verify at Jotform that the payments were completed. They were. How does Jotform get info to Square? At the end of the day, or as the orders come in?

  • Jun2x

    How use this work

  • Blessings74

    How does this work

  • manymoretravels

    What are your fees for online payments

  • Ibnu212carsam

    Saya belum paham dengan formulirnya boss,tolong di follow up terimakasih.

  • Hussan jamala

    Please help me for payment setting
    What do you mean and whatis your work

  • Hussan jamala

    I have no credit card

  • engineeringtechnical


  • RiversideRally

    I would like to add an option for pickup and not have each item have a shipping charge?

  • debsneed

    What is best for reserving a table but we may not charge?

  • Msanetlc

    I can't understand this,tell me more

  • Bhupalrawat

    I could not get you yet,

  • see_sliet

    i want to intigrate instamojo payment gateway ... how can i connect my istamojo gateway in jotform....

  • bbtikka

    After some of my orders came through, I found out that Stripe was not live & connected yet. I wonder where the money would have gone? Thanks,

  • BBlasdel

    We have payments that processed through Braintree that do not show corresponding Orders. Can we search by Customer ID to see what happened to an order? Thank you!

  • Jason

    Please add support for BluePay. I'd really appreciate it and know I am not the first to ask you all this...people have been asking for years. Thanks!

  • Ian bodsworth

    Hi, is there any chance you could add Pay Vector as a gateway option? Thanks

  • Ashish

    We required gateway form

  • Ondrej

    Hello ardy0689,

    Thank you for the form you created for me. But I still can't figure out completely how you created it.

    I imported it at least 10 times and then tried to go through the payment wizard, then I tried to make it from the scratch...still no luck.

    I got as far as realizing that you used the "single product" option, but I can't figure out how to get the subtotal in there.

    Also, this is just the tuition. You made it show the radio-buttons by making it 2 separate products. But what if there actually is another product? Specifically, $50 Registration Fee. Everybody has to pay that (i.e. checkbox), and then choose the number of hours per week to calculate the tuition.

    Is this even possible? I tried to add another product (the Reg Fee), but it showed an error message, saying that I can't add anymore products.

    I'm still hoping it's somehow possible to show both the mandatory Reg Fee and the Tuition options.

    Thank you so much for your time!

  • Ondrej


    I'm sorry, but I can't, for the love of all that's holy, figure out how to create this sort of form with the Payment Form wizard:

    choice 1: 20 hours per week @ $300/wk
    OR (i.e. radio button)
    choice 2: 25 hours per week @ $340/wk
    enter: number of weeks to book

    My problem is, when I try to add the second option, it no longer let's me enter the price for it. While at the same time, it wants me to enter the price for the product itself, i.e. for the "Tuition". But without choosing one of the options, there is no price to show.

  • princess mae kim

    please allow me

  • guest_23539083032045

    payment form of standard

  • Scott Christie

    ello ,

    We would like to schedule an appointment to discuss being a 3rd Integration partner of yours.

    We would like you to Integrate and promote our Gateway ( info here ), and we can then also promote you to our customers.

    And we will in return pay you $100.00 with each new sign up. And 35% of the residual monthly income from there credit card processing fees.

    We are a Registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank. With Over 25 years of Credit Card processing experience.

    Is their a good time we can discuss this further on the phone ?

  • mkaske

    How can I customize the display of payment items? For example I would like to make the price display larger and in bold so that people can better see the prices on things.

  • Mike Chern has multiple choices of developer APIs, and it sounds like your support uses their DPM or AIM choices. They also have "Simple Checkout" which is one item, some qty, and redirected with their button to their site for processing. Can their "Simple Checkout" button be embedded into a form?

  • HameedHayat

    I have an account with AlertPay but there is no option to use AlertPay on JotForm. Can any body help me to resolve this issue

  • cindy6767

    How can I have people select payment options of paypal, US mail, day of the event, etc?

  • davidgbaker

    I'd also like to know how to have buyers select from either paypal/credit card or pay by check.