Which payment processor is the best for your business?

Which payment processor is the best for your business?

There is no shortage of great payment processing options, but deciding which one is right for your business takes an understanding of what makes them all different. There are always questions to consider. Do you sell a high or low volume of goods? Do you advertise merchant services globally, or just in the US? Do you need your payment gateway to integrate with other businesses services you depend on?

We’re here to break down the best payment processor services for online merchants so that your business finds the perfect match. Check out our guide below.

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Authorize.Net makes accepting credit card payments very simple, and it’s been doing it since 1996 (back when “.net” was a bit more common?). Since it was founded two decades ago, it’s become one of the most widely used payment gateways on the internet, helping hundreds of thousands of online merchants.

Best for: Credit card payments


Braintree is famous for making payment possible from anywhere, including 130+ currencies and using any type of mobile or desktop device. With Braintree, you can accept international payments through Apple Pay, Bitcoin, Venmo, Android Pay, and credit cards as well.

Best for: Global companies


No company makes ACH payments easier than eCheck.Net. They also don’t charge transaction fees, making them ideal if you need a high volume of transactions — it’s all included in a flat monthly rate. Using eCheck.Net, your customer can pay you just using their bank account and routing numbers.

Best for: High transaction volumes


PayPal is a familiar face in the payment realm, and even owns other brands on this list (Braintree). What’s great about PayPal is how easy it is to set up. Most of your customers probably have a PayPal account — and if they don’t it’s crazy easy to create one — so it’s not a bad idea to incorporate a payment provider they’re familiar with.

Best for: Small businesses


The great thing about Stripe is the ecosystem of integrations at your disposal, including dozens of accounting, e-commerce, analytics, and invoicing companies. Because of this, it makes it an ideal choice for larger companies who rely on many other operational systems.

Best for: Larger companies


Due.com offers low-cost, highly secure credit card processing for your business. It is an easy to use platform for users to handle their invoice interactions like creating, sending and monitoring them. It also allows users to track time and productivity when it comes to billing and processing payments.

Best for: Easy to learn and use


Onebip really has the mobile payment thing figured out. Your users can pay you through Onebip in a single click right from their phones. They also offer recurring payment, as well as web and desktop billing.

Best for: Simplicity


2CheckOut is about as worldly as the Olympics, available in a whopping 211 markets around the globe. It enables users to collect payments in a variety of ways, including PayPal and credit cards. But what really stands out about 2CheckOut is the company’s superior fraud protection, which includes a unique algorithm to assess over 300 variables in 3 seconds to identify markers of fraud.

Best for: Security


As the name might suggest, Worldpay offers payment solutions globally. What really sets the company apart is its versatility; it offers ways to collect payments over the phone, in-person via card machines, and, of course, online. For a business with different revenue streams, Worldpay might make a lot of sense.

Best for: Versatility

In case you’re wondering, every one of the solutions above seamlessly integrates with Jotform’s robust form builder, perfect for order forms, subscription forms, donation forms, and registration forms.

Were you aware of how quickly you can turn any Jotform form into a money-maker? Do you have a merchant account with any of the payment processors listed? Let us know in the comments!

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