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How to Take a Photo and Upload It to JotForm Mobile Forms

How to Take a Photo and Upload It to JotForm Mobile Forms

Imagine the convenience of taking and uploading a photo to a form without leaving the form. Thanks to JotForm Mobile Forms, you can do just that.

When creating your form, add the Take Photo widget. Although you can use other File Upload fields to accept photos, the Take Photo widget has a built-in camera app that doesn't require you to open the camera app on your phone or tablet. This saves you from going through a few extra steps outside the JotForm Mobile App to take and save a photo. After you take a photo using the widget, the photo is automatically uploaded to the form and ready to be submitted.

Here's how to set up the widget on JotForm Mobile Forms.

In the Form Builder, tap the + (Add) icon.

Under the Widgets tab in the Form Elements side-panel, click the Take Photo widget (first on the list of widgets) to add it to the form. You can also drag and drop the widget to add and/or position it on the form.

Once you've added the widget, the Widget Settings will appear automatically on the right side of the screen. Set the Camera Facing option (Front/Back), and then click the Update Widget button.

You are now ready to take and upload a photo to your form.

Do you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions about taking and uploading a photo with JotForm Mobile Forms? Let us know your thoughts. Feel free to leave us a message in the comments section below, or go to our support forum to post your concerns.

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  • Aalgse

    Correction to my last comment, the uploaded image is not stretched, just what you see on the screen prior to submitting (would be nice if that was fixed though)

  • Aalgse

    It, still stretches photos if taken with phone or tablet in landscape... Looks good in the live view, take the phot and it's stretched? Thought this would have been fixed by....what the use of a photo if it doesn't match reality

  • rafaelsendracardona

    La calidad de las fotos es bastante baja, puedo subir la calidad de las fotos? necesito mas calidad, pierdo detalles en las fotos

  • Susan Filkins

    When using file upload you can attach multiple pictures. With photo it seems like you can only do a single picture. Is that correct?

  • tallerservimanpa

    No aparecen las imagenes en los envíos, ni en el pdf

  • samchia

    Hi there,
    The photo taken by this widget is quite small + resolution is low.
    How can we configure such that the photo quality can be better?

    Or is this at the mobile camera level?


  • CleanwayXtra

    Is there widget that allows multiple photos to be taken

  • Jessica Moniz

    Are photos compressed when uploaded?

  • gupta2dmf

    photo is not getting mapped to our pdf file and also it is not coming as a separate attachment in the email.

  • drgoulko

    I cannot find find take photo widget in my form elements??

  • Staffordking

    Is there anyway when the client clicks "next" or a selected field the picture is taken ... automated?

  • rhory

    Is there anyway to have the photos automatically backup a copy to our device (IPad/Android) instead of just being saved within the form?

  • Samer

    I like this feature. A great one for CV submissions. However, how can I let the user choose between two options (one of them has to be a must): to upload the personal photo OR to use this widget of taking a photo.

    Appreciate your help in this matter.

  • saikrupa.makenow

    i need image upload which can be seen in pdf form how to do it

  • thecosmosorguk

    Can I ask for pictures to be put into a gallery on our web page? How would I do this? We want to ask people to take a selfie with a message then load onto a gallery

  • lucioalves

    In some devices, the icon that toggles front/back camera is not visible because it´s white only. You should create a black or gray icon option.

  • valutech

    It would be great if this widget showed a thumbnail of the image vs an image that takes up more real estate in the form. I have many photos in my form a feature that is more real estate efficient would be good.

    Also, here are a few more suggestions:
    - the camera app is very basic and it would be nice to be able to zoom in/out
    - allow user to label the photo
    - retain metadata on the photo including geolocation
    - allow user to add more photos using a '+' button


  • carlos.amallo

    Hey! i cant find the photo in the form that i recibe. Can you helpme?

  • donlonjack

    I am using this widget on a jotform that will be utilized primarily from mobile devices. I notice that on certain devices it offers the user an option to upload a file, take a video or use the camera.

    I am hopeful there is a way that this can be completely disabled so the user is limited to ONLY using the camera to submitting a photo.

    The application is used during a fishing contest and we need to insure the user is actually taking a picture using the camera and sending in real time.

    I understand we can verify in the pic info but people will not be confident if they think someone can simply upload a pic they have on their phone from another day.


  • Gedore_Torque

    Using add photo widget and then trying to pass the image across to Asana using the integration. The problem we have is that the image that is attached to asana is blank 0kb however the image does appear in the jotforms submissions area. Does the take photo widget save the file as a attachment that can then be used by the integration?

  • Dang

    I use Integromat to push the data to Airtable. In Airtable I get ... code. Is there a way I can either get the URL of the image, or the actual image, or convert/decode the base64 in some way that I can view the image in Airtable or any spreadsheet?

  • efficience

    The quality of the picture is a little low. I would like to increase the image quality to be able to have a picture of "readable" words and numbers...

    Is there a way to increase the quality of the picture uploaded to the form ?

  • Dooley_Kevin

    It would be nice to allow the user to keep taking and adding photos versus having to set a # of "take photo buttons.

    Im new, so maybe there is this function?

    If so, let me know please

  • Brandon Rhodus

    I am having issues with the pictures not coming through on the emails sent after submission. I have the email widget at the bottom of my form and a condition set to send the form to whichever email address is specified in the box. I can see the pictures in the jot form app, but they don't show up in those emails.


    I have a form already built in normal mode and want to be able to use the features in mobile mode and reformate. Is there a way to do this automatically?