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How to integrate JotForm with Pipedrive

How to integrate JotForm with Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a sales management tool designed to help small sales teams manage intricate or lengthy sales process.

JotForm's integration with Pipedrive sends information from JotForm to your Pipedrive workspace as soon as someone fills out and submits a form.

When you add the Pipedrive integration to one of your forms, preselected data is exported to fill in key details for deal, person, or activity in your Pipedrive workspace.

This exchange of information eliminates the need for manual data entry or a third-party software tool to connect JotForm and Pipedrive.

With the integration, you can use submitted form data from JotForm to
1. Create a deal
2. Create a person
3. Create an activity
4. Add a note to deal, person, or activity
5. Upload files to your workspace

Pipedrive integration is easy to set up:

1. Go to the Settings panel in the top navigation, and then select Integrations on the left side of the page. You'll find the Pipedrive integration with a simple search.

2. Click on the Authenticate button, and then enter your credentials in the popup window.

3. Once your Pipedrive account has been authenticated, use the dropdown menu to select an action.

4. Depending on the action you choose, set up other details
a. In order to add a person, select an owner and set the person's visibility.

b. To add a deal, select a pipeline, a stage, a status, and an owner for the deal, and then set the visibility of the deal.

c. In order to add an activity, select an activity type.

5. Map the fields on your Pipedrive workspace to the fields on your form. Click Save to complete the integration.

P.S. You can test the integration by clicking the Test integration button.

You can create multiple actions for various Pipedrive stages and deals using the same integration.

And that's it! Your form data will be sent to Pipedrive every time your form is submitted.
Have you given it a try? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  • Saxena_Prachi

    you had only one deal i.e. Car Deals and your jotform details attached with the car's deal. but if I have so many deals in Pipedrive, how jotform details filled by the host will sync with the same respective deal?

  • igorlamr

    Im trying to link my pipedrive with jotform...
    Name, surname and telephone went well

    but i have some created fields on the deal and when i choose to connect, even tough there say its connected the pipedrive doesnt show me this information when done with the forms

  • Stéphane Brais


    The integration works fine, excepte for when I try to setup an Activity integration. I get the date and time from the Appointment element and have tried matching it to the due date field with partial success. It captures the date, but not the times. This means I will create an appointment in Pipedrive for that date but with no time. I have tried changing the time format from AM/PM to 24h, but this has not changed the results.

    Can you assist?

    The page in reference is in developement, so if it is not available at the time of your review, please ask me for the new address. The button that calls the jotform is the white one " PRENONS RENDEZ_VOUS".

    Thank you

  • MoveAcademy

    you note above that
    With the integration, you can use submitted form data from JotForm to
    5. Upload files to your workspace

    This instruction is not included in the integration instruction. Is this function available?

  • ErinBoyd

    Has the Pipedrive integration been removed? I was trying to make it work last night and now it doesn't show up as an option at all.....?

  • Yesica

    I want to know if it is possible to create a new organization contact with your app or only person contact?


  • nathanday78

    Can i get the information in pipe drive to go and fill out a form to send to other staff such as work orders

  • Scott Leizman

    The fields are all marked as “required” and won’t allow null values even though the important fields are turned off in Pipedrive.

  • learningbydoingparis

    The "deal" integration does not work, even after adding a (unecessary) form field "deal title", it keep telling me "Deal title is required! (Can't be NULL)".

  • mattharvey

    how did you get the "Deal Title" setup as a form field? can't see that as a field used in the video, but it's added as a field to integrate into pipedrive. I can't find a Deal Title field when i try to integrate into pipedrive.

  • bixlers

    When creating deal, activity and contact at the same time, I can not link them with each other.

    With the same settings, however, it works, when I click on "TEST INTEGRATION" one by one on each "Action".

    Which leads me to think that for instance when creating an activity, the "to-be-linked" Contact can not be found, as the creation of the contact is part of the same API call.

  • prospectdave

    Echoing what others have said. When I go to find Pipedrive in the intergrations tab nothing comes up.

  • FriendsMarketing

    When will this integration be available? I'm still not seeing it as an option.

  • leveragemarketinghh

    Pipedrive is not showing up ? Has it been removed ?