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How can I use JotForm Mobile Forms without internet access?

How can I use JotForm Mobile Forms without internet access?

No internet connection, no Wi-Fi? No need for paper forms — JotForm Mobile Forms lets you work offline so you can collect data on the go. 

So, how to use offline forms through Jotform’s Mobile Forms app? First step, install our app on your mobile device.



2. Log in to the Mobile Forms app with your existing Jotform account. You can log in with your default username and password or authenticate with Google or Facebook. For both Google and Facebook, your email address should be exactly the same as your Jotform account. Otherwise, the system will register a new account for you. 


3. Once logged in, go to the Settings by clicking the gear icon at the top-right side of the app.

4. Click Offline Forms option from the settings tab.

5. Select the forms you want to use offline. The app should start syncing the form as soon as you select it. Make sure it is marked with a green check before going back to the main window. That indicates that the form is synced and ready for offline use.

6. Now, go back to My Forms page. Choose the form you want to fill offline, and click  Fill Out Form or Open in Kiosk Mode options. 

7. When you submit an offline form, normal view and kiosk should display the default thank you message telling you that the data has been saved and will be submitted when you are connected to the internet.

For the Kiosk Mode, you'll get the following window - with an option to Refresh the form or Exit Kiosk.

For the Fill Out Form option, you'll get the following static page and with an option to go back to the main page only.

In the View Submissions tab, you’ll see the saved data are marked as Not Synced

8. Assuming that you are back online and want to sync the data, go back to the Settings tab and click Sync Now link under Sync Your Data option.

Your form data will start syncing automatically and all notification emails will be sent right after. You’ll also receive the app notification on your device if you have enabled that in the settings. 

Are there any limits on how much data I can store offline?

The amount of offline data you can store is based on the amount of storage space available on your mobile device. When your mobile device is almost out of space, the app will automatically disable the offline form that contains the most data. But you don’t have to worry about losing important information — you can still access all forms from a computer with your JotForm account.

That’s pretty much it! It’s simple and no need for technical experience to navigate and use offline forms feature on Jotform Mobile Forms app. 

Are you having issues using the Jotform Mobile Forms app? Do you have any questions about this guide? Do you have any suggestions? Please tell us in the comments section below or create a new support forum post.

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  • TonyRoejen

    I am having the same problem as "artistic12". On our mobile phones IOS and Android, we get "An error occurred while downloading form. Please try again later"

  • artistic12

    We continuously get this same error message for two of our forms, no matter what user tries to make it available for offline ... "An error occurred while downloading form. Please try again later"

  • LarsErikf

    Do I have to manually choose to sync data, or will the locally stored submissions be automatically uploaded once the iPad is again connected to Wi-Fi?

  • KREroofs

    Dont change your password while another device is offline taking submissons. You will loose all unsynced submissions.