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Adding a License Agreement to a Form

Adding a License Agreement to a Form

We now have these cool widgets that achieve the same thing. Try them out as easier alternatives:

1. Short Scrollable Terms Widget

2. Terms & Conditions Widget

The following method no longer works due to the restriction of HTML within the field labels or options. Please consider using the one of the above widgets.

Sometimes you may need to check if a user agrees with your licensing conditions. This needs to be conducted in a professional manner. Don't worry; adding a license agreement to a form is an easy task with JotForm. Let's say you want to create a terms and conditions link within a checkbox field. Here is how it would look like:

Follow the steps below to add a license agreement link in a Checkbox field:

1. Add a MULTIPLE CHOICE (or a CHECKBOX) field to your form.

2. Click the GEAR icon to open its properties.

3. Go to the OPTIONS tab.

4. Delete the default options and replace it with the following:

This is the basic code for adding a hyperlink. You should modify the code above by replacing the href value of the link so it points to your own Terms and Conditions page.

5. Afterwards, go to the GENERAL tab > remove the QUESTION TEXT (Field Label) > then toggle the REQUIRED option to ON.

Here is an example of a form that can only be submitted if the Terms and Conditions checkbox was ticked:

This should be all you need to know to add a license agreement to your form. If you encountered any problems, please let us know below.

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  • confidentconsult

    Hi! I need to collect an ID and Password on my form but, I want to make sure that I am in compliance. I just reviewed the above information on how to add a terms and conditions checkbox to the form - but, I am confused on how to add the link.

    Can you please assist me? Is this the only way I can collect a login on my form?

  • vimo0915

    In the payment section on a form, when you have multiple products under a category how can you default for the categories to be collapsed when the form is open, it seems to default to the categories open and uncollapsed making that section longer.

  • aguycalledandre

    I have tried the instructions above. Although I replace the href code with my URL (, the final URL to which the user is sent is:""

    Help - please!


  • Reliance2

    Sar mera account create kar dijiye cantect no 9285170220

  • ksedler

    Hello, the OPTIONS field does not accept the hyperlink.

    I tried to copy& paste

    "I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions"

    and after pasting in the OPTIONS field appears only

    "I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions". HTML code was not pasted in, automatically.

  • alfher

    I'm trying to do this but when write in Options the string "I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions" don't let me insert html tags, only appear the text, so the link doesn't work.
    Thanks in advance

  • geraldene

    Hi there - I am trying to set this up but the Options box does not allow me to input the
    Terms and Conditions in the box? The link disappears and does not set up a hyperlink!
    Please help!
    Thank you

  • petersensfamiliehave

    It doesnt Work

    My url are deleted while typing !

  • danmcdubbs

    So many ridiculous restrictions. Follow the instructions to the T, and there's always something outdated, that no longer works. I cannot insert any code such as TEXT HERE

    As soon as I use HTML tags, they get automatically erased while I type. The widget doesn't work when I embed my form. Ready to move on from this terribly restricted service. Why do I HAVE to use an iframe for my form's widgets to work correctly? Restrictions....

  • Clareburgess

    I keep trying to add this to a form but it deletes the url link. I don't have a checkbox option so I used a multiple choice but with only one answer. If I put the link in the answer and have no question then the asterisk is above rather than alongside but either way it won't keep the url link in the text. My form is here

  • TBPAdmin

    The "required" star for my label is the line above my option. How do I fix this?

  • Bill

    My form is sent to me and also a copy to the submitter. I want them to get a copy of the agreement when the form is sent... Right now, all I get is the acknowledgement that they agree to it and have read it. How do I send a copy of those terms (they are in html format) with the form when it is submitted.?


  • dsphotography

    I don't know anything about this stuff, all I want is the terms and conditions to show up when I print the PDF of their submission. How do I do that?

  • daphnecvm

    Hi guys, the code provided above doesn't allow for the terms and conditions to open in a new window. Instead it redirects the viewer away from the form. Please help me with this asap!

  • MeiYou Mafan


    I'd like to get a 'hard copy' SAVE of the total agreement with name and toggled T&C box on 1 pdf.

    Now when my T&C form is submitted I only receive the name in my Jotform inbox.


  • berossi

    HEllo, I would like to edit the term of conditions. when the guest fills the forms and click on the term of conditions I'd like that it opens a small windows with all the terms. Is this possible?
    thank you

  • G Lear

    Where and how can I write my own terms and agreements?

  • daydreamshotel

    sorry..already found the answer..Captcha button..;-)

  • daydreamshotel

    Hi..Where can I find the option "enter the text as shown" u hv in ur example?

  • sportsaddix

    Nevermind the coding did not come up. You can just Google "what is the code to have a link open in a new window?" and you should be able to find it.

  • sportsaddix

    Here is a coding example if you want the link to open in a new window.

    CLICK to got to JOTFORM!

  • simondev

    Can I link from one jotform page to another jotform page?

    I put in the html on one form
    I agree to your terms and conditions

    but it does not work - any ideas?

  • tsuing

    What I have done in the past is to create my YES and NO check boxes. Then, I go to the "conditions" tab. In this instance, a Thank You page was not needed, so I reset the custom URL thank you link to match the YES or NO checkbox. I don't know it you can sub a URL for a conditional email setting or not. If so, that would accomplish the same thing. May be the "low-tech" way to do it, but it worked fine.

  • frankowen

    See the thread in forum:

  • Mike

    Please tell me how to add agreement checkbox

  • JotFormSupport

    Please ask your questions to the forum

  • capcraig

    I need to have a section on my website where the user reads through an agreement/waiver form and then clicks "agree" or "disagree". If agree is clicked, they are forwarded to a registration page. If disagree is clicked, they are returned to the main home webpage.

    Can this be done with Jotform?