Priest Forms

11 Templates

Need a way to centralize your congregation’s information and requests? Seamlessly collect prayer requests, choir signups, job applications, and more with free and easy Priest Forms from Jotform! Select one of our many templates below and start customizing your own form with our no-code drag-and-drop builder. Upload your logo, choose fonts and colors, and integrate your form with 100+ third-party platforms in just a few easy clicks. Afterwards, you can embed your form into your own website or send it out directly to your congregation in one simple go. Enhance the way you receive and keep track of information with powerful Priest Forms from Jotform.

Church Membership Form

A church membership form is a document that contains a record of church members and their information.

Membership Registration Forms

Choir Signup Form

For more people to join your choir you can use this simple signup form which collects applicant personal and contact information with their vocal range. You can customize the template through a variety of tools and integrations.

Signup Forms

Parental Consent And Release Form

Get permission from parents and guardians to let their children participate in your program. Free parental consent form. Easy to customize and embed. No coding required.

Consent Forms

Private Prayer Request Form

Collect prayer requests online with a free Prayer Request Form. Easy to customize and share with church members. View responses on any device.

Church Forms

Church Form

A church visit form is a short questionnaire used by churches to collect feedback from churchgoers about their experience during a service or other church-related event.

Church Forms

Prayer Sign Up Form

A prayer sign up form is a list of church members who volunteer to pray on a regular basis.

Church Forms

Prayer Request Form

If you’re responsible for handling prayer requests at your church, using an online form makes it easier for your prayer team to communicate with the congregation and, in turn, help the congregation communicate with God.

Priest Forms

Application Form Apply For Lead Job Position

A Lead Job Application Form. Questions and Information are Church themed but can be easily customize for any type of job positions question.

Church Forms

Christening Invitation Form

A christening invitation form is a document a parent fills out when making a formal invitation to guests for their child's christening. Whether you’re planning your own child’s christening or helping a family member or friend with their invitations, use our Free Christening Invitation Form to create personalized invitations with ease. Add your own details and photos, then download to print and send to friends and family. Personalize this Christening Invitation Form to fit your ceremony — change fonts, colors, pictures, and more. You can also upload your own logo or change the background image. When you’re ready, send out your invites to all your friends and family in just one click! Send your christening invitations in as few as 3 steps: 1) Fill out the form, 2) click the share button and email your guests, 3) download and print! Get friends and family to RSVP to your event in no time with Jotform’s free RSVP app. If you download Jotform Mobile Forms, our free mobile app, you can view submissions on any device — to ensure guests get their response cards back in time! Make the most of your christening invitation form — syncing it with other accounts will help you manage your guests from your phone or tablet. Take control of your event with the Free Christening Invitation Form.

Church Forms

Church Donation Receipt Form

If you are looking for a receipt form for your church donations, then you may consider using this Church Donation Receipt Form Template.

Priest Forms

Ministry Volunteer Recruitment Form

A ministry volunteer recruitment form is an online form used to recruit volunteers to a faith-based organisation. Encourage volunteers to join your religious group!

Volunteer Application Forms