Jotform Smart PDF Forms

Optimize your PDFs so they can be filled out on any device

Discover how to convert your PDFs into online forms without any coding. Give your users a seamless online form-filling experience with access to advanced form features.

Add and map PDF form fields

  • Add new fields to your PDF and your online form. Drag and drop PDF fields to rearrange the layout.
  • Map online form fields with PDF fields to seamlessly sync data to your PDF.
  • Use split view to compare your forms and make sure the fields line up correctly.


Make the most of your PDFs

  • Display a PDF thumbnail on your welcome page.
  • Preview submissions in PDF format. Download and send submissions as PDFs.
  • Download PDF and send PDF as email after form is submitted.
  • Attach the PDF to email notifications and autoresponders.
  • Disable your PDF and use your online form exclusively.


Welcome your users with a PDF thumbnail

Introduce users to your online form by displaying a thumbnail preview of the original PDF on the welcome page.


Preview PDF submissions

Before submitting the form, users can preview their filled-in PDF.


Download and send submissions as PDFs

After users submit the form, they can download the submission as a PDF or send it in an email from the Thank You page.


Get notified instantly

Receive email notifications for every new form response. Jotform will convert responses into a PDF using your original PDF layout and send it directly to your inbox. You can also send a copy of the PDF attachment to your recipients using autoresponder emails.


Disable your PDF

If you no longer want to connect your online form to your PDF, you can turn off the PDF connection. You will no longer see split view — where one side of the screen shows the online form and the other shows the PDF — and can instead continue with just your online form.

Protect PDFs with passwords

  • Add another layer of security to your forms and keep sensitive information safe with password-protected PDFs.
  • Set up a PDF autoresponder email that can only be unlocked by recipients who have the password.
  • Turn PDF forms into HIPAA-friendly medical forms and send patients digital copies of their health records that require passwords to open.

Upload a new PDF without changing your online form

Need to change your original PDF form? No problem! Without any coding, you can replace your PDF form without affecting its online form. Or start over by resetting the form with a different PDF.