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  • Why should I use online forms for my real estate business?

    Paper forms aren’t always reliable or easy to organize. With online forms, you can swiftly collect client information, payments, and signatures without back-and-forth messages or long waits for responses. You can also access your online forms and submissions from anywhere, whether in the office, at an open house, or on the go. Plus, our online forms don’t just collect important data — they can also automate your workflow by sending email notifications and reminders, syncing submissions to your other online accounts, and auto-generating PDFs and reports.

  • What online forms should real estate agents use?

    Realtors can benefit from using online rental agreements, property listing forms, property inquiry forms, tenant information forms, rent payment forms, and more. Browse our selection of premade real estate templates to see which online forms are best for your business.

  • Can I customize my form?

    Yes! Our powerful Form Builder makes it easy to customize your form without any complicated coding or technical knowledge. Simply drag and drop to add or rearrange text, form fields, widgets, integrations, graphic elements, and more.

  • Can I collect signatures on my form?

    Jotform offers multiple ways to collect electronic signatures on your online forms. You can add our native signature form field or install one of our signature widgets, including DocuSign and Adobe Sign.

  • What apps can I integrate with?

    Jotform enables you to integrate your forms with 100+ popular and powerful apps. You can sync new contacts to your CRM or email marketing list, collect payments with secure payment gateways, store submissions in your cloud storage account or spreadsheets, and more! Some of our most popular integrations include Square, PayPal, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Slack, Airtable, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Zoom. And if we don’t have the app integration you’re looking for, use our Zapier integration to build it yourself! Check out our full list of integrations.

  • How do I send my clients confirmation emails about their appointments?

    To send confirmation emails to clients, set up an autoresponder for your form in just a few easy steps. You can customize the confirmation email subject line and body content, add recipient email addresses, attach PDFs, and more. When someone fills out your form, they’ll receive a customized confirmation email instantly.

  • How do I remind my clients about their appointments?

    You can easily schedule reminder emails for your forms from the Settings tab in our Form Builder. You’ll be able to customize the email content and select the frequency, send time, and end date for your reminders. Reminder emails will be sent automatically according to your schedule settings.

  • Are my forms secure?

    At Jotform, the privacy and security of your data is our top priority. All forms created with Jotform have a 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection enabled, so all form submissions are automatically encrypted in transit. For additional form security, Jotform offers encryption options and anti-spam form fields. Jotform is PCI and GDPR compliant to protect customer cardholder data submitted through your payment forms. Plus, you can access HIPAA compliance features to protect private patient data.

  • Do my forms enable HIPAA compliance?

    Yes, you can create forms that make HIPAA compliance easier once you’ve signed Jotform’s Business Associate Agreement (BAA). With HIPAA compliance features, you can securely collect sensitive patient data through your online medical forms.

  • Can I move my current forms to Jotform?

    Yes! No matter where you built your forms, you can easily import your data to your Jotform account using our migration tools. To get started, simply search for the other form builder in our list of integrations — and enjoy more advanced features once you make the switch to Jotform.

  • Can I create a report from my submissions?

    Jotform Report Builder turns form responses into professional reports that automatically update with each new submission. Once you’ve customized your report with your branding, you can share your reports via URL, embed them in your web page, download them as secure PDFs, or even print them out for your next meeting with stakeholders.

  • Can I automatically create an invoice?

    With Jotform PDF Editor, you can create a PDF template that turns form submissions into auto-generated invoices. When someone fills out your online payment form, their data will automatically be converted into a PDF invoice based on your template design. You can even set up autoresponders that instantly email customers a copy of their invoice!

  • Can I save my PDF template in PDF Editor?

    All PDF templates created with Jotform PDF Editor are automatically saved to your Jotform account. To edit your template at a later time, simply open the attached form in our Form Builder and select the PDF Editor from our menu of Jotform tools.

  • My form or account isn’t working. Who can I contact for help?

    If you need help with your forms or account, please contact our 24-7 customer support team.