How to keep track of job applications

How to keep track of job applications

Job applications offer the promise of a new tomorrow for both employers and prospective employees. But employers know that keeping track of job applications and finding someone who’s the right fit is both an art and a science — and, worst-case scenario, prospective employees might find themselves right back where they started soon after they’ve applied.

What’s worse, even if a candidate is the perfect fit for a certain role on paper, they might not actually be good for that role in real life.

Companies can buy fancy applicant tracking systems to help their HR departments separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff. However, there are equally good options out there if your budget is limited. Here’s a closer look at what you should pay attention to.

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Just so you know

Expertly track your job applicants with Jotform’s free recruitment tracking template. View as a spreadsheet, calendar, or individual cards.

HR management systems

There are HR management systems that can help you track candidates throughout the application process and won’t bankrupt you in the process. These platforms offer insights into candidates and sales pipelines that are hard to find elsewhere.

This is especially important for growing companies. At a certain point, a single individual simply cannot track all job candidates via an Excel spreadsheet. And why risk missing out on all the data-driven opportunities for a more strategic approach?

Instead, savvy companies use HR management systems to get a clearer picture of every job candidate and to help determine the right time and outreach method for further communication, much like they do with sales prospects.

Most of the time, this boils down to a simple — but actionable — spreadsheet.

If this is the route you choose, include details in your job application tracking spreadsheet about anything that jumps out during the interview process with a given candidate. It’s also helpful to include simple housekeeping details about your communication with each applicant.

You may not have to splurge on HR-specific software, as customer relationship management (CRM) systems offer this functionality as well. The capabilities of these systems vary, but most can track common interview details, like the questions you ask each candidate and the notes you take during and after an interview.

Some popular HR websites, including Glassdoor, offer solutions like a hiring tracker, a free downloadable Excel file that tracks open roles, interviews, candidate status, and budget. It’s a cost-effective way to manage your HR department. Microsoft offers a similar template to track candidates, openings, and communication — it’s also free.

Like CRM systems, candidate relationship management systems store candidate activity and enable hiring managers to assess which candidates are best suited for a particular job.

In fact, platforms with applicant tracking display every interaction point for potential employees. Pay-to-play HR platforms vary widely, from Zenefits, which starts at $8 per month, per employee, to options like Cezanne, which has scaled subscription rates based on usage and company size. HR-specific platforms are superior to simple spreadsheets, as they offer additional functionality.

Enter Jotform

This is where Jotform comes in handy. We offer a solution to track job applications and other actionable insights within a simple table interface. Any brand looking to track the experiences of executives, employees, and applicants can use our customizable online forms to collect information that automatically populates a table.

With the simplicity of a spreadsheet and the sophistication of a database, Jotform Tables can help you organize information without breaking the bank. Your data is displayed in an easy-to-understand tabular format, which makes it easy to use. And you don’t have to know how to code to use this tool.

Jotform Tables is the perfect intermediate solution for an organization that wants to revamp its recruitment efforts.

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Easy-to-use digital tools for maximum ROI

Keeping track of job applications effectively requires more than just data entry. With the right tools, you can easily keep track of new applicants — and find the right candidates for your business.

You have multiple options, too. You can pay for HR management systems, or you can try out Jotform’s online forms and Jotform Tables. Either way, you’re well on your way to hiring new employees for a bright future.

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