Hospice Management Software

Give your patients and employees a more streamlined hospice admission process with Jotform Enterprise. Join today and gain access to no-code hospice form templates, payment processors, HIPAA-compliant forms, and more.

Hospice Software Form Templates

Don’t know where to start? Choose one of our ready-made hospice form templates to get an idea of layouts you like. Then simply drag-and-drop to customize the template and make it your own.

Hospice Referral Form

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Online Medical Consent Form

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Hospice Volunteer Application Form

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Hospice Referral Form

Online Medical Consent Form

Hospice Referral Form

Here’s how Jotform Enterprise can benefit your hospice business

1Build Custom Forms

Customize your own forms by dragging and dropping form elements, integrating with widgets, adding payment processors, and embedding forms into your website.

2Ready-to-Use Templates

Hospice referrals are made easy with our ready-made hospice referral templates. Make any changes, create additional forms and pages, install powerful widgets in minutes.

3Safe and Secure

Keep your patient information secure with Jotform’s 256-bit SSL connection, PCI compliance, and options for HIPAA-compliant forms.


Stay on top of tasks with Jotform Enterprise — once patients are accepted into your hospice service, the form owner can send consent forms and collect e-signatures from patients and their family members.

Collect Assets for IDG/IDT Meetings

Gather patient consent forms, e-signatures, and more with Jotform’s customizable form templates. Manage all patient information securely from one place and add multiple collaborators with Jotform Tables to increase the visibility of information for IDG/IDT meetings. Keep your patient care team in the loop to ensure that every patient and family member’s needs are being met.

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Organize Your Workflow

Streamline and automate your work processes to save time. Track group collaboration and communication across the board with Jotform’s easy-to-use consent approval templates. Use for both employee and patient contracts and agreements, and sync to your account for easy access and management. Collect important signatures faster with Jotform Sign. Set up an automated signing workflow to collect consent forms and signatures in a specific order. Keep your clinic or hospital’s processes orderly and automated with Jotform.

Keep Patient Data Secure

Store your patient data with peace of mind. Jotform strives to keep all data you store safe with our built-in 256-bit SSL connection, GDPR, PCI and SO 2 compliance, and multiple encryption options and anti-spam fields for your forms. For added security, you can also add HIPAA-compliant forms to your Jotform account. Jotform is also SOC 2 compliant — ensuring that we meet the latest security standards.

Simplified Scheduling

Sinulla on täydet valmiudet potilaiden auttamiseen - mtta entä valmiudet etävastaanottoon? Jotform Enterprisen HIPAA -yhteensopivalla terveyshuoltoalan alustalla on helppo luoda turvallisia lomakkeita jotka pitävät arkaluontoiset potilastiedot huolellisesti suojattuina. Opi lisää tehokkaista työkaluistamme jotka tekevät Jotform Enterprisesta täydellisen ohjelmiston terveydenhuoltoalan ammattilaisille.

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Useat käyttäjätilit

Want to share your hospice software with employees? Jotform Enterprise makes it easy to assign forms and share data with your team. Choose custom permission settings to control whether app users can view, edit, or share hospice forms and patient data.

Unlimited APIs & Webhooks

Jotform Enterprise has no limits on data storage or the number of API calls, forms, submissions, form fields, or payments you can have with your account — so you’re free to collect, store, and transfer data as much as you like.

Analytiikka & raportointi

Get critical insights to measure the efficiency of your agencies’ operations with Jotform Enterprise’s robust analytics and reporting features. Convert form responses into professional visual reports with the click of a button and easily share them with team members.

Autofill with Jotform Assign

Assign forms to team members with Jotform’s assign feature. Send email invitations or share a form link with an expiration date to keep forms secure. Configure your forms to require sign-in so select team members can easily view, edit, send, and save submissions from any device. You can also track assignee activity and stay in control of your data with individual “Sent Boxes” and by sending reminders.

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Go Mobile

Give your caregivers ultimate flexibility with Jotform’s mobile-ready forms. Collect patient data and appointments anytime, anywhere — even while offline — then manage everything from a phone or tablet.


Mitä käyttäjämme sanovat Jotform-palvelusta

It’s so refreshing to find an organization that helps us amplify our values and solve problems related to the care and well-being of populations when that support is desperately needed. I would encourage anyone who’s looking for the right approach to strongly consider the data security elements, the compliance elements, and especially the flexibility of Jotform Enterprise.

Wil Trohanis, Chief Revenue Officer, One to One Health

Hospice Software FAQ

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  • What is hospice software?

    Hospice software is used to streamline your hospice management processes, from admissions to delivery of care. You can use it to collect and manage sensitive patient data from one secure location.

  • What are the must-have features for hospice management software?

    Jotform Enterprise’s hospice software provides powerful data collection and management, robust form analytics, and online reporting software to quickly analyze form data. We also keep patient data secure with our built-in 256-bit SSL connection; GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA compliance; and multiple encryption options.

  • What is hospice care?

    Hospice care, or end-of-life care, is a type of healthcare that focuses on providing comfort and pain management to a patient suffering from a terminal condition.

  • What services does hospice provide?

    Hospice services provide palliative and end-of-life care that prioritize comfort and quality of life by reducing pain and suffering for patients who are terminally ill.

  • How can you automate hospice management with Jotform?

    You can automate hospice management with Jotform by gathering important patient information such as contact details, e-signatures, file uploads, health data, and COVID-19 screening notices. You can also collect enrollment fees directly through your forms with our 30+ payment gateways — with no additional processing fees to Jotform.