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How to Create a Custom Send a Friend Form

How to Create a Custom Send a Friend Form

Do you want to create personalized or automatic responses to your friend? If so, this guide will help you to do it.

1. Simply create your form. Add the Email Field (under Basic Fields). Also, add the Text Area (under Wuick Elements) field and label it with 'Message" or any label you want. Example:

2. Click the "Settings" tab, "Emails" section and the "Add Email" button:

3. Select "Autoresponder Email" option

4. Provide the Sender and Recipient Details under the "Recipients" tab:

Sender Name: Enter the name you wish to show as sender

Reply-to Email: You can use a different email on this section. This email will be used to receive when someone respond to the form message.

Recipient E-mail: Located at the lower right part of the Sender & Recipient details. You should select the "Friend Email" field from your form. 

In the Advance Settings, set the following:

Sender E-mail: You can use our default emails to show as your customer service email or But if you want to use your own custom sender email you can accomplish it using any of these methods:

-How to Add a Custom Sender Address to an Email Alert

-How to use Mandrill to Send Emails From Your Own Email Address

6. Under the "Email" tab you can edit the Subject and Body of the email to be sent.  At the end of the editing tools, there is a menu named Form Fields. The Form Fields are the fields connected to the form you're creating.

8. Click "Save" button to save your auto responder email.

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  • mayursha

    Is there any way I can accept multiple emails, separated by the comma from the user?

  • Mike


  • Abbas

    I'd like user can choose where the form sending to by selecting between 2 or 3 submit buttons.
    I want to put 3 submit button on the form and assign different emails to each button.
    How can I dot it ?

  • thebalance1

    Having trouble viewing auto email on a mobile phone due to size of screen. Any way to change the setting to be mobile friendly?

  • biscuitab

    What if I want to be able to send to more than one friend at a time?

  • Agnes

    I guess I made amistake with my tell a friend form, becuse the given friends did't recive any email when I test it. What could be the problem?

  • Josh

    Just what i was looking for - Perfect :)

  • alliphil

    Looks like using this approach I'd have to create a "tell a friend" form for each event or promotion. Is there any "tell a friend" forms that are smart enough to pull in (or ask you to enter) the URL that you'd like to pass along?

  • anhlevan

    Thank you very much this guide