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How to Create a Basic Multiple Payment Form

How to Create a Basic Multiple Payment Form

First thing that you'll need to do is identify how many payment methods you would like to use.  In this example, we'll have two payment methods, PayPal Standard and Purchase Order.

In our case, we will have a total of three forms:

FIRST FORM: Primary form that will house the two forms

SECOND FORM: Will be your 1st payment method, PayPal Standard.

THIRD FORM: Will be your 2nd payment method, Purchase Order.


1. Go to your Form Builder and click the ADD FORM ELEMENT.

2. We will add a SINGLE CHOICE FIELD (radio button) and label it as "Choose a Payment Method". This will serve as the option for our users to choose what payment method they prefer. You could user other fields, although we only want users to choose one type of payment method, so you can choose either a radio button or a dropdown.

3. We will then add two IFRAME EMBED WIDGETS where the PayPal Standard form and Purchase Order form will be embedded or loaded.

We will leave the main form with that for now. 


1. Next, we'll create a new form and name it as "PayPal Form". Here we will setup the payment field, under the PAYMENTS tab, choose PAYPAL STANDARD and add it to your form.

2. To learn more about setting up the payment integrations, you can start with these guides:

🔘 Order Form Types

🔘 Order Form Basics

🔘 Setting Up Your First Order Form


1. Just like STEP 2, we will create another form but this time we will add the "Purchase Order" payment field.

2. The PURCHASE ORDER field is not integrated with any 3rd party payment services. This is usually used if you want your users to pay via wire transfer or deposit in your bank account. In my case, I've added a TEXT FIELD to instruct the users where to send the payments. 


Make sure to get the URL or direct links of the 2nd and 3rd forms. You can do that by clicking PREVIEW at the top right then copy the FORM URL. Or, you can follow this guide on Where to Find My Form URL


Now go back to the MAIN FORM set the links on each of the IFRAME EMBED WIDGETS respectively.

1. Click the widget to highlight it then click the WAND icon.

2. Go to the GENERAL tab of the widget wizard.

3. Paste the FORM URL on the FRAME URL section.

Do these twice, for both widgets.


We only want to display the payment form depending on the choice they made on the radio button. To do that, we will use the the SHOW / HIDE FIELD CONDITION. If you need to dive deeper into this topic, here's a guide on How to Show or Hide Fields Base on User's Answer.

1. First, click SETTINGS at the top > CONDITIONS on the left > then select SHOW / HIDE FIELD.

2. Now create a condition that will only show the specific IFRAME EMBED WIDGET that is based on the option chosen from the RADIO BUTTON.

Here, if the selected option is PAYPAL, then show the IFRAME EMBED WIDGET that holds the PayPal Form.

Here, if the selected option is PURCHASE ORDER, then show the IFRAME EMBED WIDGET that holds the Purchase Order Form.

You now have forms that allow you to have multiple payment options. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to remove the SUBMIT button from your MAIN FORM, your users will basically submit the form either from the SECOND FORM or THIRD FORM instead. 

You can see how my main form works on this form link:

For a more complex form, you can read on this user guide on how to update a multiple payment form using the multiple payment form from the Form Gallery: How to Update the Multiple Payment Form.

Another alternative option is to redirect users to a different form URL base on the selected payment method. Here's a guide on how to Change the Thank You Page URL Based on a Condition.

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  • thsykes

    Some of your solutions just don't work for me. I want people to either pay, mail it in, venmo me, or pay at the door. We are flexible! First I followed the directions without multiple forms and of course that didn't work since I couldn't have multiple product lists. Then I followed the above and now am not able to retain the data entered on my master form. That is ridiculous. Or as mentioned below I could ask them their payment method as question number one and duplicate all the questions on two forms. That is a headache if maintenance is involved and also is just wierd from a user perspective. Haven't decided which way I will go but jotform you started out so promising and went down hill fast for me.

  • axecomox

    Unfortunately the widget does not open. It only shows a very small portion of an image of the form

  • ubus

    How does the primary form close after one of the secondary forms has been submitted?

  • mycelebgr

    Hi. What happens to the data inputted in the first form when the user submits payment in the 2nd (or 3rd) form?

    I have email notifications set up for the first form - but as per your instructions here I will be removing the submit button from the main form, so will I still recieve an email containing the user submitted data from the FIRST FORM when the user submits payment?

  • 1stM8

    I've done all this. But when the form is submitted, the only thing I see is the embedded form chosen; not the completed order form with the embedded links? I need to see the complete order.

  • lashsia

    Hi, this is great but I have an issue with conditions set on the underlying forms! they don't come up on the main form whilst filling, what can I do to fix that?

  • YuRick

    Hello JotForm,

    Are you ever going to provide a solution to at least let the main from pass all the details out to the 2nd forms in the iframe so when a payment has been made, an invoice with paper order details can be sent out to the buyer?

  • WSIguy

    What a silly work around described above here.
    Never mind that we need 3 forms instead of 1 (tripling JotForm's profit and our expense), but asking the user to select payment method at the beginning is a terrible user experience.

    You can see by the comments below how everyone is shaking their heads because such a simple feature is not offered. What is most frustrating is there could be an easy solution by JotForm.
    You have various Payment Widgets that all act the same way. Then, you have the Purchase Order widget which acts exactly as a payment Widget, with respect to how it handles products and totally.

    In order to facilitate a cash vs credit card option, you just have to create a widget like Purchase Order BUT, just let that render the final total. It merely acts as the product list and shopping cart.

    Then, based on their choice of payment method, we can either send them instructions on how to pay (cash etc..) or assign the total to a proper payment widget to process a credit card.
    Gotta up your game Jot. JotForms is awesome, mostly, but big fail here.

  • SaraMunari

    Buongiorno, come faccio a fare un form con carta di credito e non paypal?
    Come faccio a connettere il pagamento alla mia banca?
    Grazie mille

  • cmcaracas

    will the information filled in the PRIMARY FORM be submitted?

    is there a way to transfer the information inserted to the TOTAL FIELD in the PRIMARY FORM to the TOTAL FIELD in the PAYMENT FORM?

  • swgroup

    How do I remove the Submit button from your Main Form.
    Thank you

  • Ya

    So complicated for a basic feature...

    If you have 10 forms you need to create 20 forms in order to let people choose a payement ??? This is crazy

  • crcna

    Is it possible to do all of this within a single form?

    In my scenario, we have two payment options: 1. credit card, 2. invoice me. But as soon as I add the payment method to my form, it then REQUIRES all submissions to add a credit card (even though it's set to unrequired).

    So I don't think it's possible, and I'm assuming that's why this multi-form method is recommended. But I just wanted to confirm before setting it up.

    Multiple forms works, but a downside is that it's takes what would have been a single submission and essentially splits it into two separate submissions - one with order info, the other with payment info. Not ideal.

  • worldsbestphotos

    I can see that 2 payment methods can be achieved but, my goodness, how complicated. My poor old brain can't handle such complexity. Surely you can come up with a simpler solution?

  • danmag

    thank you for explanation, but how to do it if i dont sell the product, but USING PAYMENT WITH USER DEFINED AMOUNT and take e price from ''Get Price From'' ?
    How to do Multiple Payment Form then?


  • Bali-Chris

    It's a bit sad that it is almost the year 2019 and Jotform still doesn't offer a solution for customers to choose a preferred payment method. Is it really that difficult? Most other services offer that feature. Your current workaround that triples the number of forms is just not a good solution for people who use Jotform seriously. If you have 1-2 forms ok. If you have 50+ forms you don't want to add another 100 forms just to let people choose between PayPal and wire transfer.

  • MDChapter

    How to I set the amount due from the main page on the other two payments forms?

  • escfan

    Same problem as Henswithpins - Created the multiple payment form and only the payment is notified without the form details.


  • Henswithpens


    I've set my form up according to these instructions, however when I press "submit" in the iframe we only get an email notification about the payment, and not with the information in the rest of the form. Please could you advise?

  • cbshear2

    I want to offer a credit card option, not a purchase order option. Please send information pertinent to that request.

  • sstte18

    unfortunately, I tried this already on the other forms that I referenced in my initial email...(see that email for those form links)...

    I really want to keep the person's information in ONE form and then send them to a different screen for payment by check vs. by credit card. This is helpful for the backend reporting. otherwise, there are too many forms/submissions to keep track of.

    Is that possible?

  • ddeutsch

    This doesn't really help me as this is one or the other. I'm a non-profit that is selling tickets (set price) and want a product item for an additional donation (user fills in amount). If you could add this ability in future versions that would be great.

  • baisshalom

    I've followed these directions and wound up with this:

    Technically it works but how do I "clean" it up in terms of look and style?

    Also, how do I get the exact iframe sizing of both forms, currently I just chose an arbitrary large number for the width and height which is also making the main form look "off"


  • TheIIC

    How do I include different payment methods in the same form? I need to have integration with Paypal, but also accept wire transfers and checks. Please advise.

  • ezshirtsprinting

    HOW TO SEE THE width and height of the embed form?

  • fabiocampos


  • portz

    Its OK, I found what I was doing wrong in this support thread

  • portz

    I seem to be missing something, my radio button doesn't change the iframe forms below they are both on the same page

  • eiermann

    Is this still the only way to do it? :-/
    Are there plans to for easier implementation in the future. Like a widget or app where the user can select the payment options for this form? (Purchase Order, Paypal, ect.)

  • juniorbaseball

    Hi There. Everything worked except that when I select Paypal and then submit the form it is going directly to my thank you page (just like the purchase order one), instead of linking to Paypal to make the payment. Any ideas please?


  • rijuv

    I have used the same option. But screwed up by not seeing the purchase submission.

    I have used, paypal and purchase order. Paypal allows me to navigate to their account. Purchase order directly submits my order. But products and amount whatever user has purchased wont store anywhere. I looked at both of my forms - main form and purchase order form.

    I am quite urgent to get this done. Any help?

  • jrz

    I have done till the 4th step and when i open it in the browser, the option of paypal shows however the details don't show... where am i getting it wrong and how can i solve it

  • cbimensclub

    I tried to do this but it won't save the Java script to the field

  • manolox

    Everything worked except the way error messages are displayed!!!

    When the form has errors and you submit it instead of showing the error messages that I have in each particular form, the frame goes to another weird page with a gray background that indicates de error fields and has a link to go back.

    This has to problems for me:

    1 - The "back" link doesnt work. Instead of going back to the form it goes to

    2- I can't customize that text and I need another copy of this form in spanish as well.

    Can I keep the "error message" system for each form the way I have it setup originally?

    If not, can at least the "back" link work and lte me customize this error page?


  • photophil

    I have modified my form following these steps with some success
    -the two payment options DO come up as expected ( when selected ) but the paypal function does not :
    1) show a total
    2) bounce over to paypal ( after hittng the submit button) to complete the payment

    im sure im overlooking something - any help would be greatly appreciated
    thank you

  • TSellers

    Working my way through building this with 4 forms of payment: Paypal Canada, Paypal USA, Interac (Purchase Order tool), and Local Pickup (Purchase order). The problem I see right now: is there a way when you add or update a product to make it propagate automatically through all 4 forms?