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How to Setup Salesforce Integration

How to Setup Salesforce Integration

UPDATE: Our Salesforce integration has been updated. Our users can now enjoy more diverse functionality within the Salesforce ecosystem. You can check our guide on How to integrate JotForm with Salesforce to view the updated version.

Salesforce CRM software allows you to track and disperse leads to your team members. JotForm allows you to create great looking and flexible lead generation forms. So, integration of your JotForm form data with Salesforce database means that you can now quickly capture more leads and speed up your sales.

How to Setup Integration

It takes only a few minutes to setup an integration with Salesforce. Here is a step by step guide:

1. Click on Settings - Integrations in the Form Builder. Then select Salesforce on the Integrations window by filtering the dropdown field with CRM.

2. Next, enter your SalesForce account credentials. 

3. Now, choose the type of data that will be transferred from the form. Use "Contact" for people and "Lead" for companies. 

4. On this step, map your form questions with the data fields on your Salesforce database. 


5. That's all. On the final step, you will be given an option for duplicate check entry.

If you have any existing submissions in your form, they will be automatically forwarded to SalesForce.

Give it a try today! If you have any suggestions or problems feel free to send us a comment below. 

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  • akkie

    When I am trying to integrate my form, it gives me "API is not enabled for this Organization or Partner". Any idea on this?

  • Otremba

    I am exploring the use of JotForm for a client that also uses Salesforce. They plan to use the JotForm feature where someone is completing and signing a PDF form with JotForm fields. After it's submitted they would like some field data passed into Salesforce, but they would also like a PDF copy of the completed form attached to the record in Salesforce in the "Files" related list. Is this possible with the integration?

  • Jotform_infocom

    Hello, I can't find how to work with Salesforce (the non-legacy one) in my sandbox? Do you have a solution ?
    Thank you in advance.


  • JULIE Webster

    If taking donations through the form, can it be linked to Opportunities or a Custom Object in Salesforce? If not, where does payment info go? eg one contact could make numerous donations.

    My client is a non profit organisation working in training underprivileged youth - do you offer 50% off your special offer? - cheeky question :-)

    Many thanks

  • SPdevteam

    Hello Can you please confirm if I can use one form and integrate with two objects in salesforce.
    EG. one form contains 10 questions, 5 response go into Account and other 5 response in a custom object.

    Also doing Health Cloud Project of salesforce, I am not able to see some PersonAccount specific fields in Salesforce. Eg. In person account Birthdate field exist but I cannot Map it.

  • R Qamar

    Formstack enables you to connect to any Salesforce object even custom objects, it seems like this form only has Account Lead or Contact?

  • MountHopeFarm

    HI, We use a non-profit CRM named Neon. Any possibility that we can integrate?

  • targetmais

    Hi! I've got SalesForce integration set up a form. However, when I search the names of submissions into those forms, no accounts have been created from the form. Do you help me?

  • sidneykcopus

    Hi! I've got SalesForce integration set up on several forms. However, when I search the names of submissions into those forms, no contacts have been created from the forms. Any suggestions?

  • zpodinic

    I am currently trying to integrate my jotform with Salesforce and I am getting the following error: "Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out."

    I have a custom domain "" which will need to be pointed to for OAuth instead of the default "". Please let me know what needs to be done in order to make this work?

  • John S.

    I am working with an organization who is a current JotForms customer. They are looking to utilize one of our products which requires authentication through their custom Salesforce domain [] rather than the default authentication. Is there an option to change the OAuth endpoint to utilize the custom domain instead?

  • Abughannam


    I have a form called 'SALESFORCE - Clone of Layla intake form' (it's a copy of the actual form so safe to play with). It has been setup to integrate with Salesforce but contact records are not getting created in Salesforce. The Salesforce access credentials are correct as I'm able to integrate a simple 'Test form' correctly. Can you find why the integration is failing?

  • Claudia Chamorro

    Quiero integrar Jotform con Salesforce, pero el token de seguridad me esta dando error, estoy usando una licencia de prueba de desarrollador de Salesforce, mi consulta es si este tipo de licencia puede integrarse con Jotform?

  • Holly Ryall


    I am wondering if I can hook JotForm up to Salesforce cases?



  • shrikant telangi

    Can we use salesforce record data on jotform , like i have client data already in salesforce, when suppose i create new form for client, then like his name, email id and other data should pre pupulate on that form, this is possible.

  • choffecker

    How quickly should we anticipate the integration to take place? I submitted a test but am not seeing it over salesforce.

  • kfalduto

    My two submissions were not automatically forwarded to Salesforce even though the integration was complete.

  • kfalduto

    On Step 4 it is not letting me match fields

  • kbeisly

    I've completed this process and everything looked good but I'm not finding my test submission in SalesForce. How do I debug this?

  • Raymond Moss

    I don't believe that this integration works any longer, unfortunately. I've been unable to get it working whatsoever.

  • Boris Grinberg

    Can we integrate Jotform with custom object?

  • Mike Edmonds

    This is the first I am seeing the Jotform to CRM integration. Has anyone connected to successfully? Can a form be made to trigger an emails based on a specific zip code? -Mike

  • Mallory Wear

    I am excited about the integration into SF!

    I work for a Financial Institution and we have end user forms that grant access to our systems and I want to use this integration so we can pull in those fields. Is their a limit around the amount of fields that can be mapped into SF?

  • ndgfooddepot


    I have a Salesforce Contact field which is a checkbox, and I would like to map a Jotform field to set it to true or false, checked or unchecked. Ie. Are you bilingual (French and English)? I've tried using 'Conditions > Update/Calculate Field' with 'IF ... IS EQUAL TO ... INSERT "false" INTO myField.

    Unfortunately the above does not work, is there a better way to set the value of the checkbox on Salesforce to true or false depending on Jotform input?

    Best Regards,

  • Mendelpopack

    Does this integration provide the option to add information to an existing contact rather than replace it.
    For example: If a phone number is given in the form that is different than the one the contact currently has in Salesforce, will it only update and replace the current phone number in Salesforce, or will it add it as an additional phone number?

  • hintonadam828

    We are trying to make accounts by mapping a Account name to Company name but the field is not showing in Jotform for us to select is there a way to fix this.

  • Ausome

    I've integrated a number of my forms into SalesForce. SalesForce asks me to change my password every few months - which updates my security token each time I change my password. Now that I have a new security token do I need to update my previous jotform integrations with the new security token or will the old one maintain the original integration to SalesForce? We have a form that we continuously use so editing the integration with the new security token every 3 months is a tedious task.


  • mikebathon

    This does not work

  • ericalaurenortiz

    Hi All,

    I am trying to integrate jot forms with my client's Salesforce Sandbox. I added the integration and Jotform is able to authentic the credentials. However, when I select "Contact" object to send the Form records to, it gave Full Name and Email ( form items) but not able to generate Salesforce Contact object Standard fields ( like name and email). It just Says "please select" and when i click on it, nothing happens. What seems to be missing here? Any assistance is very much appreciated? I have a screenshot too but no option to attach here. Thanks. Sri

  • Adyatmaka

    Step no 4 is not working

  • johnjo

    are there any other objects integrations availiable or only accoutn contact and leads..

    regards john

  • rmhippofm

    IF you select Account for data to be passed to, how does Jot Form know which account should be updated? Does the jot form fields just update ALL accounts?

  • rmhippofm

    If you select "Account" for data to be passed to, what is it matching to in Salesforce? Account Name?

  • midmarksales

    Can JotForm integrate with Salesforce Pardot? Why does it not integrate with any Oracle systems?

  • digitaljack

    Please detail the steps to change from one credentialed authentication, to a different credentialed authentication. In Edit mode for the integration with Salesforce, the Username, Password, and Security Token fields are all "grayed out". How can I change them?

  • Kim

    I need to be able to map fields from a custom Salesforce object (Planning) to a data collection form, that we can send to clients via a JotForm link.

    I am a potential JotForm customer, and need to make sure mapping to custom Salesforce objects is possible. Can you please confirm? The instructions above only show mapping to Contacts/Leads.

  • theorand

    Just wanted to add that I don't consider this very "Flexible." I like JotForm, which is why I have a paid account, but I also use ohter form tools that have better integration. I know Jotform is robust enough to deliver better integration so let's go for it. Please.

  • theorand

    This feature is so limited. True integration requires the ability to map to custom objects and fields -- to update, upsert and insert. Please roadmap real integration and let Jotform users know the status of this requested feature.

  • shadowcliff


    Is there any way to add criteria in the integration that tells Salesforce whether to create a new contact or to add information to an existing contact?


  • Jon Erlbaum

    Hi and I hope you're well!

    When jotform sends the data to Salesforce, is there any way to have it associate with a particular Salesforce "Campaign"?

    Thanks and Best, Jon