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How to Clone an Embedded Form from a Webpage

How to Clone an Embedded Form from a Webpage

So you liked a form on a specific web page, or your client wants to preserve their old form as it was. Cloning a form from a web page saves time in such instances and JotForm makes it very easy. Take the points below into consideration before cloning a form:

🔘 You've got to know the URL of the form and copy it

🔘 When you provide the URL to the wizard, it fetches the form structure

🔘 Your form is cloned and ready to use anywhere you want

To get started:

1. Go to your MY FORMS page

2. Click the CREATE FORM button



5. Paste the URL to the ENTER THE URL textbox. Then click the CREATE FORM button to finish and wait for the page to redirect to your cloned web form.

If you want to know how to clone one of your existing forms, use the guide below:


How did it go? Did you experience any difficulties? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • IDOEWebmaster

    I tried to clone the form at it said I'm not authorized to clone the form, please assist.
    Thank you,

  • milltownvet

    How can I create a form from my word document that i have linked to my website?

  • coordinationPCI

    Can I clone a form from another jotform account?

  • Samathita Flores

    Please help meake a copy of this page is a one page website thanks

  • dreamfactoryagency

    Thank you. I have gotten my form to work. :) I appreciate the help.

  • K9CET

    This worked for one of my forms. When I tried it with another, I got:

    Form ID is missing or irregular.

    How can I fix this? The existing form with the above problem is:

  • VickiH

    The support for this site is EXCELLENT!

  • JazzyJ

    I am trying to clone a form using the URL and keep getting a message: Unauthorized request. You do not have access to this form

  • promotesmallbiz

    It says
    Form not found: Form Id is missing or irregular

  • C4FAP

    No form found on the page. Please check the source code you provided"

    This is very frustrating.

  • jms6

    same issue here:
    "No form found on the page. Please check the source code you provided"


  • amohammedomer

    I entered a url from local machine and didn't work.
    "No form found on the page. Please check the source code you provided"

  • Origins

    I tried this to copy a form via URL from this account to our main, got a username/password form and now our main account (with all our job apps) is suspended. Suffice to say now we have access to none of our forms to even try and get back-ups on our site.

    Please update this information explaining how the URL clone works, because following directions only to find yourself suspended (as a few have been) is saddening, especially when you've done nothing wrong.

  • Zipline_ZPS

    When I do this, I get a login form, not the one I wanted to clone.

  • edcooper

    didnt work
    thank you

  • johnartist

    Doesn't work. I copy and pasted the URL and got a completely different form!

  • AnnMusico

    I put the url in and it just lists all the response fields, not the form as it appears - here is the link. I cannot get it to clone properly.

  • Lauren

    I entered the URL and get the message that No Form is found on the page. I tried leaving out the EU part as I did do a clone last year before you had GoDaddy trouble.

    Here's the URL

  • sempo001

    I've attempted to import a form from a different account using the import form feature. The imported form loses some of the header fields as well as the condition information.

    Is there any method to perform an exact copy of the Jotform without losing any elements of the form?

    Also, I am using the embed code for the import form entry field. Is that the correct url I should be entering?

    Thanks in advance!

  • umhlanga

    I am trying to import a PDF from a URL that I provide but it comes back with the following message:
    "No form found on the page. Please check the source code you provided"


    nao consigo clonar

  • troyoverend

    What if the form is a multi part application form? Can you still clone it some how? When I try this method it only copies the actual URL of the form start page and not the rest of the form.

  • ruhwezb

    You guys you are wonderful , it works

  • pattysop

    I need a registration form for indoor soccer?

  • jdecima

    Gracias por su publicacin