How to Clone an Existing Form From Your Account

June 4, 2024

Jotform provides handy ways to clone your forms in case you need to back up or duplicate them. This guide shows how to create a copy of your form, along with most of its settings, within your account.

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To clone your form

  1. Go to My Forms and choose a form.
  2. Open More on the right and select Clone from the menu.
My Forms with arrows pointing to the More menu and Clone option

This will open the Form Builder where you can start working on your duplicate form.


  • Cloning creates a copy of the form without the submissions. To copy the submissions, export the entries and then import them to your other form.
  • Cloning creates a new form in your account, adding to your total form count.
  • Most basic settings like email alerts, conditions, and the Thank You page are included in the clone form, but not integrations.

Cloning via Import Form

Another way to clone a form is by using the Import Form feature in My Forms. To use Import Form

  1. Go to My Forms and select Create Form in the upper-left corner.
A screenshot of My Forms with an arrow pointing to Create Form
  1. Select Import Form.
A screenshot of form creation process in My Forms with an arrow pointing to Import Form
  1. Select Clone your existing form.
  2. Choose a form to clone, then select Create Form at the bottom.
A screenshot of My Forms - Import Form highlighting the Clone your existing form option, Select from your forms dropdown, and Create Form button

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