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How to Change Thank You Message Depending on the Language Used?

How to Change Thank You Message Depending on the Language Used?

While it would usually mean that you would have a lot to do, it is actually quite easy to do. All that you should do is to follow a couple of simple steps and that is it.

The first step is, of course, to create a form and add all of the languages that you wish it to hold.

Once you do this your form will have a new entry in the conditions labeled as Language.

To setup the Condition, click SETTINGS at the top > CONDITIONS on the left > then CHANGE THANK YOU PAGE.

Select the Language from the "IF" statement and select the target value which is the languages that are selected in the form multilingual settings and make sure to select "Display a custom message on submission" in the "DO" statement.

Once you make your changes you can simply click on Save button and that is it.

You should repeat the steps for all languages that you want to have a different Thank You messages for.

You can see a sample form of this here:

For the ones that you do not, they will be shown the default message instead, but in this order:
1. If you have set up your own Thank You Message it will be shown
2. If you have not set it up, then Default Thank You Page will be shown instead.

You can see more about the thank you pages here: 
Setting Up the Thank You Page

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  • CFMadmin

    This is helpful, but it would be much more intuitive and functional to have it be included with all the other language settings, where you can set the translated verbiage next to each section of text. Several of our forms have responsive thank you pages that change based on user answers, which also needs to be reflected in the other languages. As it stands now, we are not able to do so.

  • travion

    Selecting Language cannot be set to mandatory, which results in problems in the set email conditions.

    In other words; In practice we don't receive every email, because it is not required/mandatory to select language. When someone does not select an language, email will not be sent.

    This could be easily solved if the field "Select Language' gets the option 'make mandatory yes/no'.
    Hopefully this could be implemented?

  • VillageRides

    Thank you. I found this, and have set the Thank You message condition. Now I want to set a condition for a Spanish reply email. Can I do that as well?