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How to Change Submission Date to a Different Format and Timezone

How to Change Submission Date to a Different Format and Timezone

In your submissions page, you can see the "Submission Date" column. Are you having a hard time trying to see the date and time according to your time zone?

submission date

You can change the format and set it to your own timezone preference by following the steps below:

1. First, log in to your account. 

2. Click Account->Settings page. You can see there the "Timezone" and "Time Format" settings, you'll be able to edit them there. 

account timezone and time format


 3. Save the changes and check your submissions page again to see how their date and time are now formatted. 


Let us know if this helps by commenting below. 

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  • ianderson_genoa

    It would appear that the time zone for any given JotForm is set in stone at the time of the form's creation—which would be fine, except for a second problem: JotForm doesn't handle daylight savings time (it merely applies a static GMT offset).

    I'm in US Eastern Time (America/New_York), and now that we're observing Daylight Savings Time, JotForm submissions are timestamped an hour in the past.

    I tried changing my time zone to UTC or GMT*, but lo and behold, subsequent submissions in the JotForm I created while on US Eastern Time still saved in US Eastern Time (except, as mentioned before, wrong). Sigh.

    * FWIW, GMT/UTC as an option by itself doesn't exist, so I used Reykjavik, as I happen to know Iceland sets their time to GMT and doesn't ever observe Daylight Savings Time.

  • ZigZagGymnastics

    Won't let me save the time zone change

  • POME3790


  • jetfrom


  • henleyhenley

    Thank you