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Setting up the Continue Forms Later Feature in Card Forms

Setting up the Continue Forms Later Feature in Card Forms

Letting respondents save the progress of their form to continue later required to set up two forms using Page Break elements. JotForm long time users are familiar with this configuration and have been using this alternative ever since.

Newcomers should not worry anymore. The new JotForm Cards layout comes with this functionality as a built-in feature. Now, you only need to have a single form to set it up in just a few clicks.

Go to SETTINGS at the top > FORM SETTINGS on the left > click the SHOW MORE OPTIONS button > then scroll down and look for the CONTINUE FORMS LATER section.

Choose among the options:

Note the following aspects when using the CONTINUE FORMS LATER feature:

🔘 The option ENABLE WHEN FORM HAS 10+ QUESTIONS becomes enabled by default.

🔘 This feature doesn't work on forms with less than 4 fields.

🔘 The PROGRESS BAR at the bottom of your form will allow your respondents to SAVE & CONTINUE LATER.

🔘 The PROGRESS BAR will only show up once the user fills out the first field on your form.

🔘Respondents need to click the SAVE & CONTINUE LATER button to save their progress. This feature will never save their progress automatically.t.

🔘  Your respondents can either click the GET SHAREABLE LINK to get their SESSION URL

or click the SEND THE LINK button if they want to send it to their email address for later usage.

🔘 If they decided to send it to their email, here's what they'll receive:

NOTE: For those who want to use their own SENDER EMAIL, it's not possible yet. The verification emails are sent from our email servers (

IMPORTANT: Submissions that have been pending more than 3 months will be automatically deleted.

Contact Support:
Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
Our team can be contacted via:
Contact JotForm Support:

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  • carla595

    Hola, me gustaría saber si funciona esto al llenar el formularios desde el celular?

  • centerforbrain

    I do not have the option to 🔘 ENABLE WHEN FORM HAS 10+ QUESTIONS. I am having an issue with clients being required to create a JotForm account in order to save their form to complete later. I am looking into other ways to save when I came across this new feature.

  • CANLocal

    We intend to have a number of people submit an award application that they will need to go back to several times. Are we able to see what they have saved so far, so maybe in the google spreadsheet option.

    If we can see saved so fat info we can nudge them to complete the form.

  • mhajzokova

    I have set up the Save and Continue Forms Later feature for our forms in the Settings. The button has been added in the Edit version but as soon as I publish the form, the button and the text become white and invisible. Is there a way to format it?

  • SDYL

    What if we have a form in multiple languages? When the user saves the form for later in German for example, then how can we set it up so the pop up share link is in German, as well as the email reminder sent to them.

    Thank you

  • civesnhada

    Hi I have an email field built in to my form but when i try to use save and continue later it's not asking for an email address or sending the emails to the address entered on the form. It's defaulting to sending the emails to my Jotform account's email address and I can't find any way to change it?

  • briddley1

    In order to use the Save and Continue Later feature, does a email field need to be built in and filled out early on the form? Or will it ask for the persons email when they click the Save and Continue Later button?

  • BeTheChange_Conviventia

    Dear JOtform Team,

    Upon requesting to send link to user's email to continue later, the system just shows a "Loading..." popup message and, (my test) users have been confused by that, they are scared if they just close the "Loading..." message, their changes would not be saved. Any idea how to solve this?
    Thanks in advance

  • CbrQuilters

    I've tried using the save and continue wiht an embedded form in Wordpress, but the save button has disappeared. Is it possible to set it up so I can use this feature in conjunction with a Wordpress website?

  • augustineclassical

    On my Cards Layout Form, I have selected to enable the save and continue later option.

    However, when the respondent clicks the link emailed to them (by clicking Save & Continue Later) it’s a blank form – none of their previous data was saved….
    My Cards Form:

  • roswellpurchasing

    I used to be able to just tell users that they can leave the form, and, as long as they used the same machine and same browser, they could just open the link back up and their progress was saved. This no longer appears to be the case. Use now requires a fairly complicated set of directions for administrators and additional questions for users. I understand if users need to have multiple forms going at once, but I don't. Is there a way that I can access the simplified former method?

  • to_all_nations

    Hey, is it possible to skip the Jotform signup screen directly? So that users only see the sen email option?

  • vcmedia


    I have selected to enable the save and continue later option.

    However, I don't get the option to "autofill" or "save and continue later"

    It just doesn't exist.

  • tovarnapodjemov


    i would like to change the option shown on the pop up window when the user clicks on save button and the window with signing/connecting shows first - I want to hide/remove this.
    I would like to change that it would show right away the window where you can see - Your form submission has been saved as a draft - and you can get a shareable link or send link to an email.

    Thank you for your answer.

  • knaylor.121

    ART TOUR COLLECTIVE Application Form for Returning Members

    I need to help several of our applicants to complete this form. To do this, I have deleted an applicant's incomplete submission and have filled out the form -- except for payment and submission -- on their behalf. The draft has been saved and the applicant will receive a link to continue with payment.
    Here's the problem: I need to help another applicant. The previous applicant has not completed submission yet, and If I try to fill out a new application form, the saved draft of the previous applicant will be discarded.
    Is there a way to save more than one draft of an incomplete form?

  • IntegritySurety

    I've embedded this card (the test for now) on my website, at
    The Save & continue part works, however, when the user clicks the link to come back and complete the card (in my case, it would be the payment portion), they're no longer on our website. How do I get them back to the card on our website?

  • sbonnet73

    Same like other comments below, I cannot see the options "Save and continue later" or "Autofill" when I activate the option "Continue forms later".
    I have already customized my form to be filled in 2 steps as described in your post:

  • dm.joshpritchett

    This way is not allowing me the option to either select Auto-Fill or Save & Continue Later. Please help.

  • marconey

    The form session expires in 3 months, got it. But if a form filler comes contacts me in six months and says he/she would like to modify the form, is there a way I can send a unique URL to his/her form?

  • rebebriscoe

    I'm not seeing the "Save and Continue Later" option on my form settings. Am I doing something wrong?

  • flightsight

    Will it soon be possible to customize the "Save and Continue" Email??

  • Lisa Sohmer

    Even though I have ENABLED continue forms later, the choice to autofill or not doesn’t appear.

  • cartechbooks

    The "save & continue later" doesn't show up for me when I enable this feature. I must have the same problem as @worksite below. Any ideas why?

  • Worksite

    the "Save and Continue Later" pop up is not appearing when I click "Enable". What am I doing wrong?

  • Suffolkef

    Is this available on the free version

  • thehartfordproject

    How do you view incomplete submissions in the new version?

  • mattssei

    Is there a way to customize the "Continue Form" email - like ability to have our logo in the message?