DonorSearch vs WealthEngine: Which is better?

If you’re serious about hitting your fundraising goals, you need to prioritize getting to know your donors. When you understand who they are, how likely they are to donate, and their capacity for donating, you can build personalized campaigns that deliver results.

Few platforms are better for conducting donor research than DonorSearch and WealthEngine. But which is better?

We put DonorSearch vs WealthEngine to the test to help you decide.

DonorSearch overview

DonorSearch gives nonprofits the insights they need to connect with more potential donors. The platform uses data from dozens of databases and a host of proprietary machine-learning algorithms to find the best prospects possible.

DonorSearch goes beyond traditional prospect databases, using a combination of philanthropic and wealth data sets, as well as real estate, corporate, and private holdings information to create a 360-degree view of prospective donors.

Contact DonorSearch through their website to request a demo and pricing information. 

WealthEngine overview

WealthEngine offers a similarly comprehensive approach to donor research. The WealthEngine 9 platform has half a trillion data points and uses machine learning to develop and pre-score 250 million profiles of potential U.S. donors. These profiles are refreshed at a rate of over 5 million a week to give your nonprofit the most up-to-date and accurate data possible.

You don’t have to be a nonprofit to make use of WealthEngine. Finance, real estate, retail, and luxury companies also use the platform to create bespoke campaigns.

Contact WealthEngine through their website to request a demo and pricing information.

DonorSearch vs WealthEngine: The key features

DonorSearch gives nonprofits all the tools they need to succeed in prospect research, like integrated search, online prospecting, and gift searching. Find ideal prospects through data-rich reports by entering keywords into the integrated search feature.

You can use DonorSearch’s ProspectView Online to find the prospects most likely to donate to your nonprofit, as well as information on their wealth and other philanthropic activities. Then use the gift search feature to find the kinds of charities these donors support and their giving patterns. Combine everything into your customer relationship management (CRM) system using one of DonorSearch’s many integrations.

With WealthEngine, you can search, tag, filter, and favorite donors from more than 180 million U.S. households and create personalized campaigns using wealth and lifestyle data. This functionality is particularly important in helping to tailor appeals to specific donors, making sure they feel appreciated and understood.

WealthEngine also lets you prioritize your top targets and find similar potential prospects with automated donor models. Understand all of your possible donors at a granular level — including what motivates them to donate — so you can drive measurable improvements in engagement.

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User reviews

DonorSearch is a well-reviewed tool, with users saying it’s easy to get started with and use. They also praise the accuracy of the data, especially the algorithmically matched wealth data. Customers also appreciate the platform’s ability to integrate with existing systems.

The only issue some users appear to have with DonorSearch is the price. It may be too expensive for smaller organizations.

Similarly, the level of detail that WealthEngine provides is a particular highlight for the platform’s users. It’s relatively easy to use, but there’s also a heap of training materials and support to help nonprofits get started. The way it integrates with other platforms like Salesforce is another benefit, allowing nonprofits to connect all of their tools.

“Finding [a nonprofit fundraising tool] with a real-time CRM integration as well can also save your team countless hours of data entry and number crunching,” says the team at fundraising software provider OneCause. “At the end of the day, the more robust a solution is on the back end, the more effective it can be on the front end.”

The cost of WealthEngine may be prohibitive for smaller nonprofits. Users say the lack of an effective mobile app is also an issue.

DonorSearch vs. WealthEngine in a nutshell

DonorSearchUseful tools for prospect research, including ProspectView Online and gift history searchOffers 40+ integrationsUsers report it’s easy to use and accurate.May be too expensive for small organizationsContact for pricing details
WealthEngineLarge database for prospect researchOffers 35+ integrationsAutomated donor models help find best prospect matchesHelpful for individualized campaignsUsers report it’s easy to use.May be too expensive for small organizationsSome reviewers report that donor information isn’t always accurate. Contact for pricing details

Managing donations with Jotform

Whether you find donors with DonorSearch or WealthEngine, you’ll need a way to collect, track, and manage the donations you secure. Jotform gives you the tools you need to collect donations once you’ve initiated contact with donors.

With Jotform, you’re not paying for bloated software packed with features you’ll never use. Instead, you get everything you need for one affordable price. Collect contributions directly from donors using donation forms. Jotform’s integrations with over 30 payment gateways make this possible, and there are no extra fees for these transactions.

And if you want to provide donors with a convenient way to help out, a shareable donation app with Jotform is the way to go. 

You don’t need any coding skills to build your own donation app — simply drag and drop the Donation Box element into the Jotform App Builder. The Donation Box offers the same payment gateways as our forms and lets donors contribute whenever and however they want — even on the go. We even have plenty of donation app templates to help you get started.

You can seamlessly manage all the data related to donors and their gifts in Jotform Tables. Ready-to-use templates make getting started even quicker — no lengthy training sessions needed.

You can try Jotform today for free and get a 50 percent discount for your nonprofit on paid plans.

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