Paysafe FAQs

Are you looking for answers to your questions about Paysafe? Then, please scroll down and check out the FAQs about Paysafe or directly learn from our 24/7 Support Team.

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  • What is Paysafe?

    Paysafe is the leading specialized payments platform, part of the Paysafe Group - to learn more about the company, please click here.

  • What is Paysafe merchant?

    Also known as “Paysafe Group,” Paysafe is a UK-based merchant account provider that has acquired multiple large payment processing subsidiaries during the past five years.

  • What can you do with Jotform's Paysafe Integration?

    1. Sell online products
    2. Sell merchandise
    3. Collect donations online
    4. Let users make a custom payment
  • What currencies are available with Paysafe Integration?

    The currencies available in the Paysafe integration are USD, CAD, and EUR.

  • Is there additional transaction fees for using Paysafe?

    No, Jotform will never charge you additional fees for collecting money through your forms. You just have to pay the standard Paysafe rate.

  • How do I set up Paysafe with my form?

    You can check out our guide on how to integrate Paysafe with your form for detailed information.

  • How do I integrate Paysafe payment form into my website?

    First, you have to integrate your form with Paysafe payment, then you can embed your form into the website by using one of the available embedding methods.

  • Does the Paysafe integration support recurring payments?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to set up recurring payments using the Paysafe Integration.

  • Can I use the Paysafe integration in a free Jotform account?

    Yes, Paysafe integration is available for free accounts, you only need to consider the monthly payment submissions limit, which you can find in your accounts usage section.

  • Is Paysafe PCI-compliant?

    Like Jotform, Paysafe is PCI-compliant and prioritizes the safety of you and your customers.