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  • What is Jotform PDF Editor?

    Jotform PDF Editor is a flexible tool that allows you to create PDF documents or PDF forms from scratch. You can also use it to turn your collected form response data into shareable, printable, and downloadable PDF documents.

    The interface mimics Jotform’s form builder, so you can easily drag and drop elements, customize the style, choose from 1,000+ templates, and more.See the full list of Jotform PDF Editor features.

  • What are the differences between PDF forms and PDF documents?

    A PDF form is our way of saying, “fillable PDF form.” It’s a PDF with blank fields that individuals can complete. With a PDF form, you have an array of settings and integrations to choose from.

    Additionally, there are multiple, quick share options, such as email, Twitter, Facebook, and QR code. PDF forms offer the option for respondents to save their answers regardless of device or internet access, but to actually submit them, they need to be connected to the internet.

    A PDF document is a PDF (portable document file) that displays information and can be easily shared, downloaded, or printed. Jotform PDF Editor allows you to move elements around in your PDF document and customize the design.

  • What is the difference between an online form and a PDF form?

    An online form is a form that you access and submit with an internet connection. Online forms can also be fully optimized for mobile devices.

    A PDF form is a form that can be completed on digital devices with no internet connection. However, in order to submit the form, you need to be connected to the internet and have access to Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • Can PDF forms and PDF documents be updated over time?

    Yes! You can update your PDF forms and PDF documents whenever you like.

  • How can I access Jotform PDF Editor?

    If you’d like to create a new PDF document or PDF form, go to your “My Forms” dashboard, select a form, and click on “More.”

    If you’d like to edit an existing PDF, go to your “My Forms,” select the form, then click the “Edit Form” dropdown menu and an option to “Edit as PDF Form” will appear.

    You can also access Jotform PDF Editor through your form’s submission page or through its landing page.

  • Can you repurpose an existing form and send it as a PDF?

    Yes, absolutely.

  • Do I need to create a PDF document from scratch with the information I collect?

    No. You have the option to turn any information collected from your Jotform forms into a PDF document. If you choose this option, then a PDF document will be automatically created for you. Once the document is created, you can move elements around and customize the document size and layout, colors, fonts, images, and more.

    On the other hand, if you don’t have any collected information, you’ll need to either build a PDF from scratch or choose a pre-made template from our PDF Template directory to get started.

  • How many PDF forms and PDF documents can I create?

    We allow users to create one PDF form and unlimited PDF documents.

  • Can I import my own PDF document into Jotform?

    Stay tuned for this one! We’re rolling out the feature soon.

  • Which pricing plans include Jotform PDF Editor?

    Jotform PDF Editor is available in every plan.

  • Can HIPAA accounts use Jotform PDF Editor?


  • Is Jotform PDF Editor supported by Enterprise accounts?

    It's available for Enterprise Account. If you are interested in this, please get in contact with our Enterprise sales team.

  • Can I attach a PDF document to notification or autoresponder emails?

    Yes. All you need to do is enable “PDF Attachment” in your email settings. See the full instructions here.

  • Can I show submission data in Jotform PDF Editor based on the condition in the form?

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible to show conditional submission data on a single PDF form. However, you can create different PDF documents according to conditions on the form and select each PDF document as a different email alert. Please note that you’ll also need to set conditions for emails too.

  • Can I use PDF forms offline?

    Yes. However, in order to send a submission, you must be online.

  • Which software(s) should I use to submit a PDF form?

    To submit PDF forms, you need to use software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • Can I use all form fields, integrations, and widgets on PDF forms?

    You can use all basic form fields, such as full name, phone number, long text, multiple choice, etc. Some advanced form fields like star and scale rating are available too.

    You can also sync with a variety of integrations, such as Google Sheets, Google Drive, and Asana. Currently, payments and integrations, which require redirection to a third-party service are not available with PDF forms.