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Easy ACH Payments for Your Business

Jotform lets your quickly accept secure ACH payments, powered by Stripe.

Create a Form

Create a Form

Create a shiny new form simply by dragging and dropping the fields you need in Jotform’s form builder.

Add Stripe

Add Stripe

Adding Stripe ACH to your form is a breeze. Just select the Stripe ACH icon in the form builder, then click the Stripe login link to connect your account.

Collect Payments

Collect Payments

That’s all it takes! Now send your form out and watch as the money comes in.

Jotform Makes ACH Payments Simple

No Additional Transaction Fees

Process payments without Jotform taking a cut


Jotform isn’t just an online form builder that accepts payments. It’s a tool to collect all the valuable information you need, whether it’s for event registrations, applications, feedback, or new leads. The ability to simultaneously collect payments alongside customer information means you reduce the back-and-forth emails and headache that comes for asking for payment later on.

Jotform’s online forms are a powerful tool that are not only simple for anyone to create, but easy for your customers to fill out, even on mobile devices. That means you’ll see more payment conversions when your customers encounter your form.

Stripe and Jotform have been partners for years, allowing tens of thousands of businesses to get paid fast and secure.

With Stripe ACH, Jotform users have a terrific option to get money transferred directly into their bank accounts, initiated through their forms.

Jotform is the only online form provider that’s PCI DSS Service Provider Level 1 compliant, the highest level of payment security available. Get started with a free Jotform account today and try for yourself!

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