Best social media analytics tools

When developing and improving on the social media strategy for your business, you have countless social media analytics tools at your fingertips.

Quality social media analytics can provide you with valuable metrics on your audience’s demographics, the best hashtags to use, the top-performing social networks and platforms, and more. All of this information is essential for social media management and digital marketing strategies.

But all social media analytics tools aren’t the same. The following social media analytics tools deliver comprehensive information that all marketers should have.

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Google Analytics

While not a traditional social media analytics platform, Google Analytics can help you identify where your website traffic is coming from. You can get details on which social media platforms are driving the greatest amount of traffic to your website, and you can gain valuable audience insights about who is visiting your site and how they’re getting there.

An image showing the home page of Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Hootsuite Analytics

This paid tool offers the valuable ability to see all of your social media metrics in one central location. You can access details on each of your social media posts as well as an overview of each social media platform’s performance and follower growth over time. Hootsuite Analytics also offers customizable tracking templates that you can export to create social media analytics reports.

An image showing the Instagram overview page of Hootsuite Analytics
Hootsuite Analytics

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a helpful social media monitoring tool that can assess your marketing campaigns and individual post performance on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. 

Templated and customizable reporting that’s tailored to your KPIs can help you identify your best-performing content, understand your engagement rate, evaluate the performance of all of your social media accounts, and more.

An image showing the overview page of Sprout Social
Sprout Social


Socialbakers provides a comprehensive analytics tool that encompasses multiple platforms and social profiles. 

In addition to its analytics capabilities, you can use its publishing tools to access sentiment analysis, use predictive analysis to decide which Facebook posts to boost, and compare your business’s social media performance to your competitors’ performance.

Socialbakers even offers digital persona mapping to help you better identify your target audience and craft posts that will appeal to them.

An image showing the analytics page of Socialbakers

Meta Business Suite (Formerly Facebook Business Suite)

Facebook is retiring its current analytics tool at the end of June. After that, you can use Meta Business Suite. You’ll be able to manage your accounts through Meta Business Suite, where you can also view trends and access information about your audience.

An image showing the ads page on Meta Business Suite
Meta Business Suite

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics features three different sections. The account home, Tweet Activity Dashboard (TAD), and campaign dashboard allow you to track information on engagements and impressions, your top Tweets, and your Twitter ad performance.

An image showing tweet activity dashboard of Twitter Analytics
Twitter Analytics

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is free to use. It provides detailed information on your posts and their performance as well as how many people are seeing your content and how they’re finding that content. This tool also provides insights on your audience demographics and when your target audience is most likely to be using the platform.

Screenshot of Instagram Insights
Instagram Insights

Rival IQ

Rival IQ makes it easy to keep tabs on how your competition is performing on social media and where they’re successful when it comes to SEO.

This brand monitoring and social media management tool tracks historical data for up to 24 months, giving you a long-term view of your competitors’ performance. With competitor analysis, you can improve your own social media strategy and identify opportunities your competitors have missed.

An image showing detailed metrics page of Rival IQ
Rival IQ


Talkwalker’s analytics go beyond the basics of engagement and follower demographics. You can review mentions, author lists, and even important influencers. With this information, you can identify in real time when conversations about your business are taking place outside of your own social media pages and react accordingly. It’s a fabulous tool for building your brand.

An image showing analytics feature of Talkwalker


quintly is a must-have for any true data lover. This analytics tool will monitor all of your social media channels, and with more than 350 key metrics, it gives you the ability to create custom reports, identify and assess your benchmarks, and tailor your reporting to the unique needs of your business.

An image showing dashboards of quintly

Making the most of social media analytics

While these powerful social media analytics platforms provide you with valuable data, it’s how you use that data that makes it valuable. Jotform’s Report Builder can help you compile your analytics into accessible reports that your marketing team, social media managers, CEO, and other team members can understand.

When you make social media analytics a part of your social media marketing, you can improve the quality and effectiveness of your social media content. This means developing better-performing social media campaigns, making smarter choices in your marketing strategy, and improving the results that you see from your work.

These analytics tools are available with multiple pricing options — which makes them accessible even if you’re sticking to a tight budget. Plus, many of these tools have free options.

This article is originally published on Jun 16, 2021, and updated on Dec 23, 2022.
A journalist and digital consultant, John Boitnott has worked for TV, newspapers, radio, and Internet companies for 25 years. He’s written for, Fast Company, NBC, Entrepreneur, USA Today, and Business Insider, among others.

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