Why JotForm Is The Best Typeform Alternative?

Here at JotForm, we pride ourselves on being the easiest form builder with the most advanced functionality. We pioneered online forms in 2006. We’ve never stopped growing, building new features and integrations for our users, and striving to be better each day. Whether you work at a small business, university, or agency- we know that our users will find the perfect solution for their online forms needs.

Here are four examples why JotForm is better than Typeform.




JotForm has extensive customization options for those that need it, but is also able to create simple, traditional forms that do the trick. With JotForm, you have the option of creating different tabs and pages if you would like to organize your form that way, or you can have all form fields visible much like a paper form. Forms created with Typeform can be confusing as only one form field is shown at a time. Sometimes you just want a clean cut, fully visible form.




JotForm and Typeform both have a Zapier integration, which can connect users with other apps. However, whereas Typeform has only one integration, JotForm has more than 100. JotForm’s extensive integration offerings include Box, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, DropBox, PayPal, Stripe, Google Spreadsheets, Google Drive, and the list goes on. Easily integrate your online forms with whatever business tools you’re already using, all without needing to be a Zapier user.




JotForm has the most advanced Form Designer available. It offers advanced functionality that includes ready to use styles with a broad selection of designs for buttons, checkboxes, color schemes, and backgrounds. JotForm’s Form Designer is also linked with Google Fonts to bring you the best and latest font selection on the web. JotForm also has a Theme Store, where users can browse already-designed beautiful themes.


Typeform’s design capabilities are more limited and doesn’t allow for some standard options such as background images as a backdrop for a form.




JotForm gives all users, including free users, access to all features and advanced functionality. You do not need to pay more to access more features, like with Typeform. Unlike Typeform, with JotForm you don’t need to pay to customize thank you pages, accept online payments, redirect upon submit, set up webhooks, add respondent notifications, and accept file uploads. Each JotForm plan, free and paid, is a better value than Typeform.


Adding another business tool to the fabric of your organization is a choice that we’d love you to be confident in. We value our relationship with our 2 million (and counting!) users, including many long-time users who have been with us for years. Try JotForm today, for free.

Leeyen is the Vice President of Marketing at JotForm. An avid writer, she has contributed to sites including Entrepreneur and Social Media Today. A Bostonian and University of Miami alum, she loves traveling, trying new foods, and drawing & crafting. You can reach Leeyen through her contact form.

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