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How to Share Your JotForm Tables and Collaborate

How to Share Your JotForm Tables and Collaborate

JotForm Tables allows you to share tables so that coworkers or others within your organization can collaborate and help manage your form data. Tables can be public, private, or available to those within the company only. You can set permissions as read-only or collaborator. You can also allow collaborators to print or download submissions or do both. 

Follow these steps to share a table:

1. Click the Share button at the top right of JotForm Tables, beside your account menu.

2. The Share button will open the following window, which contains the link to the settings page. Just copy the shareable link and invite people.

Clicking the Share Settings link will open the settings window. In this window, you can change the following:

  • Privacy Options. There are three choices: Public Table, Private Table, and Company Access. Private Table is the default.
  • Default Role. There are two choices: Read Only and Collaborator
  • Limitations. You can select whether or not to display the print and download buttons and set the expiration date.


Public Table

When you choose Public Table, Read Only is the only role available. Under Limitations, you can enable only the print button. You can’t enable the download button or set an expiration date.

The Share Link in the main window is public as well.

Private Table

When you select Private Table, both Read Only and Collaborator are available in the Default Role settings. You can also enable the print and download buttons, and set an expiration date under Limitations

The invitation link will have a unique key in the URL. Make sure to copy the entire link when sharing the table.

If someone accesses a private table using the public link, they’ll get the following permission screen:

Company Access

When you choose Company Access, you must provide the domain name of your company. We don’t recommend using this option for free email domains (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

Both Read Only and Collaborator are available as default roles for Company Access tables. The print, download, and expiration date options are also available in the Limitations section.

Users must log into the account registered under the domain name entered in the settings to view a Company Access table. 

You must have a JotForm account to access a Private Table. A Public Table can be viewed with or without an account. Company Access requires a JotForm account that’s registered with an email address that has the same domain as the one listed in the Share Settings. 


When the Default Role for a user is set to Read Only, that user can only view the data. 

When the Default Role for a user is set to Collaborator, that user can view and edit the data in JotForm Tables. 

While Read Only is the default role, you can override this when sending an invitation to someone. Just set the role as Collaborator if you want someone to be able to view and edit the table data.

To edit an entry as a collaborator, hover over the submission and click the View button. In the View window, double-click an entry to edit it:

There’s another way to edit an entry. Hover over the submission and click the View button. Next, click the More button in the view window, and then click the Edit Entry option to open the form with the data you want to edit:

If you use this method, you must submit the form after editing the entry. We recommend using the Edit Entry method if you need to trigger a workflow, such as an email autoresponder. 

If you want to revoke access or manage the roles for existing collaborators, click the Shared with link next to the avatars of the collaborators:

To revoke access, click the icon with the three vertical dots, and then click Revoke User:

To change roles, click the role dropdown and select the preferred role.

Both roles can filter submissions. To learn more about filters, visit the following guide: How to Use Different Filters to Easily Manage Your Data in JotForm Tables.

When an invitation is sent, the recipient will receive the following email:


Selecting the Show print button option in Limitations allows users to print each submission from the View window:

Selecting the Show download button option allows users to download selected submissions or all submissions:

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The Set custom expiration date option is straightforward. If you want to limit access to your table, set an expiration date for the invitation link in the main window. You can always adjust the date if you want to reactivate the link in the future.

Last but not least, the active collaborators in JotForm Tables are visible at the top right corner beside your account menu (figure 1). You can also see their usernames when they’re working on a specific cell (figure 2).

That’s how you share JotForm Tables. If you have issues, questions, or suggestions, please reach out to us through one of the support channels below. 

Contact Support:
Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
Our team can be contacted via:
Contact JotForm Support:

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  • neraviola

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  • Daniela Servin


    I have one of my company's table set with "Company Access" and sharing settings that allow them to edit submissions, however when I go to share the table via email it says that the "email addresses are not found in [our] Enterprise User List". Does this mean that the employee absolutely needs to have a Jotform account to access the table? - As a side note, the employee wouldn't need to edit the form, they would just need to be able to see the submissions made for easier access to editing/sorting the data vs receiving an email for every single form submitted.


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