How to Download the Submission Files

December 22, 2022

The Jotform Form Builder allows you to create a file upload form. The files are sent through email as a link or attachment when configured. You can also download the files at once or download a specific set of files when needed.

Below are ways to download the uploaded files from your form:

Download All Uploaded Files

  1. On the My Forms page, select the form.
  2. Click the Submissions button in the top toolbar.
  1. In Jotform Tables, click the Download All button.
  2. Click the Download Attachments option.
  1. Alternatively, you can also click the Kebab Menu in the main submissions tab, hover your mouse over the Download option, and click the Download Attachments option.
  1. The system will begin zipping your file uploads. You’ll see the following popup informing you that you’ll receive an email with a link to download the zipped file.

This process may take some time if your form has a large number of file uploads.

Download a Specific Set of Files

  1. Select the submissions from the table. You’ll see the number of selected submissions on the Download button.
  2. Click the Download button
  3. Finally, click the Download Attachments option to begin the download process.

Similar to downloading all file uploads, this method isn’t instant. Our system will zip your files and send you an email once complete. 

Download File Uploads Based on a Time Range

  1. Click the Filter button.
  2. In the Search In row, click the All Time button.
  3. Choose and click a time range from the list beside the calendar.
  1. Click anywhere outside of the calendar/time range modal to set your filter.
  2. Click the Apply Filter button. At this moment, your filter is now active.
  1. Click the Download All button and then the Download Attachment option.

Download Individual Files

If you want to download an individual file, click on the cell that contains the file icon, and click the Green download icon:

How to Download Submission Files from the Old Submissions Page

On the old submissions page, click Download All Uploads at the top of the page.

To filter the submissions and download files based on a specific time range, click the settings (gear) icon. Set the Time Frame.

Once you’ve set or selected the time frame, click the Download Uploads in Time Range button just above the grid list of submissions:

Whether you’ve filtered the files or not, clicking the Download button will display a popup window that lets you know an email will be sent to you when the data is ready for download.

The file should arrive in your email soon. However, if the file is very large, it may take a few minutes.

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